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  • Three-dimensional topographic on the foreshore zone of sandy beaches
  • Topographic surveys are carried out to elucidate the characteristics of topographic changes in the foreshore zone of two study sites on the Kashima Coast, Ibaraki Prefecture (Kanto). Three types of topographic change were put in order and a three
  • Topographical effects on the equilibrium-line altitude on glaciers
  • The most useful parameter to quantify the climatic effects on a glacier is the equilibrium-line altitude (ELA) : a line on the glacier where accumulation equals ablation. In this paper, the topographical and morphological effects on the ELA
  • Ceskoslovenské topografické mapy. (Topographic maps of Czechoslovakia)
  • A review of topographical maps covering the territory of Czechoslovakia during the period 1918 till the present time. (MS).
  • Geodesy ; Germany ; Topographic map
  • Official topographic cartography in Germany looks back on a history of more than two hundred years. Through various stages of development its analogue map products reached their highest level in the nineteen-eighties. Since 1990, i.e
  • . the reunification of Germany and the introduction of the topographical ATKIS-information system, topographic cartography and its new digital products developed as an integral part of the new system. At present, German official topographic cartography
  • Thermo-topographically induced winds in the boundary layer over the Etosha Pan
  • Boundary layer winds over the Etosha Pan in Namibia reveal a diurnal oscillation. An analysis of this phenomenon is presented with relation to synoptic forcing and thermo-topographical forcing. - (AJC)
  • A field study on topographical and topsoil effects on runoff generation
  • In order to assess the influence of topographical factors on runoff yield on the rapidly crusting loamy soils of Central Belgium, a further study of runoff yield was undertaken, using a design allowing the separation of slope and topsoil effects
  • The Davisian scheme elucidates the sequential changes of topographic features. The positions of the stages imaged by Davis, however, are not adquate to explain the topographic characteristics of stages developed in the theory of landform development
  • by concurrent tectonics and denudation (H. Ohmori, 1978| T. Yoshikawa, 1985). A quantitative evaluation is made of the characteristics of topographic features described by Davis from the viewpoint of landform development by concurrent tectonics and denudation.
  • Forgotten battles, forgotten maps : resources for reconstructing historical topographical intelligence using army map service materials
  • Army ; Historical geography ; Source of documentation ; Topographic map ; United States of America
  • A. discusses the history of the United States Army Map Service (AMS) and how its materials, which deal with topographical intelligence (terrain, facilities, and transport networks in enemy territory), became available in library collections. He
  • Map ; Topographic map ; United States of America
  • Discussion of changes in map production policy of the United States Geological Service, which produces the topographic map series in the USA. - (DWG)
  • Islandslikan Reykjavikurborgar A topographical model of Iceland
  • Géomètres, topographes, cartographes
  • Topographic effects on ventifacts development Mojave Desert, California
  • Development of topographic indices for use in semi-distributed hillslope runoff models
  • A new model of topographic effects on the distribution of loess
  • A model of topographic influence on the regional transport and accumulation of loess in sparsely vegetated landscapes is proposed, based on the critical role played by saltating eolian sand in the entrainment and long-distance transport of finer
  • -grained suspended dust. Regional and local patterns of distribution of late Wisconsinan loess in parts of the Upper Mississippi River basin are closely related to the distribution of topographic obstacles to sand transport. Topographic obstacles and dense
  • Officiers topographes et topographes-alpinistes dans les Alpes françaises, 1890-1940
  • militaires français développèrent les mesures tachéométriques (et plus barométriques). Vers 1900 la professionnalisation des topographes alpinistes, la création d'une commission de topographie qui se rapprocha du Club alpin français développa cette
  • Effects of terrain smoothing on topographic shielding correction factors for cosmogenic nuclide-derived estimates of basin-averaged denudation rates
  • One important issue that has yet to be addressed is the effect of the accuracy and resolution of terrain representation by a digital elevation model (DEM) on topographic shielding correction factors. Topographic metrics scale with the resolution
  • errors, and should be taken into account. Here the AA. demonstrate the effect of terrain smoothing on topographic shielding correction factors for various topographic settings, and introduce an empirical model for the estimation of topographic shielding
  • The aim of this paper is to study dust deposition patterns over various topographic configurations. Dust patterns are analysed for different combinations of hill size and hill spacing, and comparisons are made with the reference profiles over
  • identical but isolated hills. The study is, of course, restricted since the total number of topographic combinations is unlimited, but the landform combinations investigated were selected such that, if topographic interference plays a significant role
  • Quantitative topographic method of fault morphology recognition
  • A quantitative method for morphology recognition of topographically expressed faults is developed. The method is based on the analysis of digital elevation models (DEMs). Kh mapping correspond mostly to structures like strike-slip faults, while
  • Topographic changes associated with coastal dune blowouts at Island Beach State Park, New Jersey
  • Topographic changes in two blowouts located in Island Beach State Park, New Jersey, were monitored over the winter of 1981-1982. Elevation changes were measured with erosion pins, and sediment traps placed at comparable locations in each blowout
  • Towards a definition of topographic divisions for Italy
  • This paper presents a preliminary subdivision of the entire Italian territory into formal topographic units and describes the rationale and the largely DEM-based techniques by which it was prepared. The classification is semi-quantitative, derived