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  • Local times and standard time in New Zealand
  • Colonization ; Communication ; Diffusion ; Historical geography ; Information ; New Zealand ; Nineteenth Century ; Time
  • This article explores the geography of local times that existed in New Zealand before 1868, discusses the adoption of New Zealand Mean Time in that year and assesses the extent to which the new standard was adhered to as a measure of public time
  • Organizing time in geography : explanations and activities for teachers
  • Pedagogy ; Space time ; Teaching of geography ; Time ; Time geography
  • Outlines the strengths and weaknesses of different ways that geographers organize time : temporal cross-sections; synchronic cross-sections; diachronic subsections; temporal integration. - (DWG)
  • Geography's place in time
  • Concept ; Space time ; Theory ; Time ; Time geography
  • A discussion of terms for the description of the space-time of relief
  • Concept ; Geomorphological mapping ; Geomorphology ; Methodology ; Relief ; Space time
  • The spatial-temporal structure of relief in space and time can be described in terms based on three initial concepts: spatial organisation, hierarchical succession, and morphological succession. The indivisible space-time of relief is defined
  • by five dimensional coordinates: time, three coordinates of Euclidean space, coordinate expressing the group of characteristics, that is the level of organisation achieved. Because of the indivisible nature of space-time geomorphology needs to rediscover
  • the significance of time.
  • What is time distance?
  • Serial criminal or copycat? : a distance and time map exercise
  • Cartography ; Criminality ; Pedagogy ; Teaching of geography ; Time-distance ; United States
  • Pedagogical description of an imaginative way to teach students the language of maps that combines time and distance through use of a crime scenario. - (DWG)
  • The colonization of time in Human activity and time geography.
  • Age time and calendar time: two facets of the residential mobility process
  • Positive aspects of part-time farming in the development of a professional agriculture: remarks on the Italian situation in Part-time farming.
  • Part-time farming in Australia: research in progress in Part-time farming.
  • Part-time farming in Canada: issues and non-issues in Part-time farming.
  • Part-time farming in Britain: research in progress in Part-time farming.
  • Part-time farming: the Cyprus Case in Part-time farming.
  • International perspectives on part-time farming: a review in Part-time farming.
  • Space–time integration in geography and GIScience
  • Accessibility ; Applied geography ; Behaviour ; Geographical information system ; Health ; Historiography ; Segregation ; Space time
  • In this special section dedicated to space-time integration in geography and GIScience, the authors analyse successively the following issues : 1-Real-time space–time integration in GIScience and geography ; 2-Prospects for a space–time GIS ; 3
  • -Beyond space (as we knew it): toward temporally integrated geographies of segregation, health, and accessibility ; 4-On the cyberinfrastructure for GIS-enabled historiography ; 5-Space–time behavior research in China: recent development and future
  • prospect ; 6-Analytical data transformations in space–time region : three stories of space–time cube.
  • New paths for time-geography?
  • Concept ; Daily life ; Economic strategy ; Energy resources ; Household behaviour ; Project ; Space time ; Time geography
  • The paper discusses how time-geography can be developed by closing the gap to other social sciences. The objective is to contribute to the development of a theory of action, dealing with everyday life.
  • Human geography at the end of time ? Some thoughts on the notion of time-space compression
  • Convergence ; Fragmentation ; Human geography ; Perception ; Society ; Space ; Space time
  • A microlevel analysis of residential context and travel time
  • Behaviour ; Commuting ; Form of transport ; Mode choice ; Multivariate analysis ; Netherlands (The) ; Residential environment ; Transport ; Travel time ; Trip
  • By using data from the 1998 Netherlands National Travel Survey, the AA. consider travel time associated with trip purpose and transport mode and show that sociodemographic factors and residential context influence daily travel time.
  • Time-space approaches and regional study
  • Time-space approaches developed for the study of human spatial behavior may be extended for the study of regional spatial organization. Though the two scales are different in terms of their temporal dimension, they also share a few common aspects
  • . The time-space approach for the regional scale may be defined using the same languages as used for the human scale. The time-space approach is useful particularly for the study urban growth.
  • Time allocation and fuel usage in three villages of the Garhwal Himalaya, India
  • Energy ; Environment ; Fuel ; Garhwal ; Himalaya ; Household consumption ; India ; Mountain ; Time-budget ; UttarPradesh ; Village
  • Time budget data was gathered in Pauri District between 914 and 1829 m. Average cooking time and fuel consumption decreased with altitude. Women spent more time in activities related to collection of fuelwood and fodder than other duties. Average