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  • Spotlight on the Caribbean, a microcosm of the Third World
  • Window on the Netherlands Development cooperation : Dutch window on the Third World in Migration, regional inequality and development in the Third World.
  • On the foreign operations of Third World firms. A study about the background and the consequences of Third World Multinationals .
  • In this study the recent emergence of multinational enterprises originating in Third World countries is examinated both form the viewpoint of their nature and of their role in the development processes. The Indian multinational enterprises receive
  • Manufactured exports from third world countries
  • Some problems in planning the office economy in a Third World city : the example of Tunis
  • Geography and the study of third world under development
  • Spotlight on the Caribbean. A microcosm on the Third World
  • Development theory and the Third World.
  • Gender issues in the agricultural modernization of India in Geography of gender in the Third World.
  • A profile of slums in a Third World city: Calcutta
  • Problems and planning in Third World cities.
  • Inside Third World cities.
  • A study of eight Nigerian cities is included in a book illustrating the growth and structure of Third World cities. - (EMS)
  • Natural resources, the environment, and Third World development : keynote address
  • Development ; Environment ; Natural resources ; Third World
  • Worlds within the Third World
  • Development geography and the third-world state
  • Capitalism ; Concept ; Development ; Globalization ; Marxism ; State control ; Third World
  • strands of neo-Weberianism. This conceptual union allows for broad theorizing of the capitalist state in the periphery. This approach can help explain the differential performances of various third-world states within the confines of the world system
  • China : a country of the Third World or the third great power ?
  • China ; Economic growth ; Gross domestic product ; Living standard ; Measurement ; Third World
  • Successful rural development in Third World countries.
  • This book is the outcome of Dutch-Polish symposium held in september 1986 on Successful rural development in Third World Countries . The case studies presented here deal with a variety of aspects or rural development, and they focus on factors
  • The origin of the Third World
  • Agricultural price ; China ; Economic history ; Famine ; Food ; Food security ; India ; Living standard ; Poverty ; Subsistence agriculture ; Third World ; Vulnerability
  • Vluchtelingen en Derde Wereld. Refugees and Third World
  • in the Third World itself, another one the Dutch asylum policy with respect to refugees from the Third World, especially in relation to Europe 1992.
  • The limitations of planned land development for low-income housing in Third World cities
  • Built up area ; Ecuador ; Housing ; Iran ; Land ; Land market ; Poverty ; State control ; Third World ; Urban development ; Urban environment ; Urban planning ; Urban policy
  • The analysis of planning as an agency is anappropriate in Third World cities with their grossly inadequate public and unevenly distributed private resources. Neither of the states of Iran and Ecuador succeeded in including genuinely poor households