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  • Glacial tectonics at the Kwintelooijen Sandpit, Rhenen, the Netherlands
  • Detailed structural field-work in a large exposure in a Saalian ice pushed ridge near Rhenen enabled the differentiation of several tectonic phases. Frontal thrusting was followed by subglacial seaing. Littology appears to be an important factor
  • in the movement of the thrust sheets. The basal layers of most thrust sheets are clays, loams and fine sands. Numerous normal faults are interpreted as relaxation structures developed after the main deformation phase.
  • Importance of Hercynian tectonics within the framework of the Southern Alps in Tectonics. A selection of papers.
  • zone at the eastern margin a severe Hercynian folding phase took place during the Westphalian. Thrust sheets comprising sequences of different facies ranging in age from Caradocian to early Westphalian are sutured by late Westphalian molasse deposits
  • Paleo-stress estimates in the Moine Thrust Zone, Eriboll, Scotland
  • The thrust moraine of Hamburg-Blankenese in Glacial deposits in north-west Europe.
  • Some recent borings N.E. of Tiège cut an important thrust fault with overlapping of the Cambrian on the Eodevonian. The authors describe from the cores the dip and strike of the fracture and the characteristics of the thrust zone proper. (LW).
  • In the Kwintelooijen sandpit, located in the inside of a large ice-pushed ridge, a number of thrust sheets are exposed which were formed by pushing inland ice during the Saalian glacial time. In these glaciotectonic units periglacial and fluvial
  • Lower Pleistocene deposits fluvial middle Pleistocene deposits and fluvial mass flow and alluvial fan Saalian deposits are involved. The most complete thrust sheets are up to 25 m thick.
  • Gankovi i navlacni strukturi po masiva na Izdremec v Zapadna Stara planina Fold and thrust-fault structures in the Izdremec massif in the Western Balkan
  • In the Vanch valley moraines were formed under conditions of plastic ice flow (by loayers) with incidental thrusting ise scales| they consist of monolithic and scaly facies of basal till. The moraines on the valley slopes do not fit the term Lateral