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  • Italy ; Pliocene ; Regional geology ; Sicilia ; Stratigraphy ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonic thrust ; Tectonics
  • In the present paper integrated stratigraphy and structural analyses are aimed at the description of a synsedimentary transpressional tectonic event, driving the onset and development of the Early Pliocene Lascari Basin, located NW of the Madonie
  • Mountains (northern Sicily). This paper presents an original interpretation of the stratigraphic and structural evolution of the study sector of the Sicily Fold and Thrust Belt. Our data contribute also to both define the structural style and constrain
  • the timing of transpressional tectonic event in northern Sicily. A brief comparison performed between the data here presented and those coming from adjacent sectors of northern Sicily suggests that the transpressional tectonics in these sectors of the chain
  • 2011
  • Quaternary tilt-block tectonics in parts of Eastern Kumaun Himalaya, India
  • Fault ; Fluvial terrace ; Geomorphometry ; Himalaya ; India ; Neotectonics ; Quaternary ; Tectonic thrust ; Tectonics ; Watershed
  • topographic profiles of parts of the Kali River Basin bring out preferred stream migration in response to Quaternary ground tilting of southeast and northwest directions across the North Almora Thrust. An oblique-slip type of movement along the fault has been
  • 2011
  • Abruzzi ; Geographical information system ; Geomorphological map ; Geomorphology ; Glacial features ; Italy ; Mountain ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonic thrust ; Tectonics
  • The study area is located close to the principal thrust of the Gran Sasso d’Italia massif, whose landforms are mainly controlled by geological, structural and glacial processes. In fact, important morphostructures have been identified as being
  • linked to the direct action of tectonics at the macro-scale level, as in the case of the orientation of the principal valleys. Tectonics have also promoted the spread of gravitational phenomena. The glacial footprint is evident in the numerous inactive
  • 2011
  • Carbonate rock ; Flysch ; Geological map ; Italy ; Mesozoic ; Platform ; Regional geology ; Sicilia ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics
  • The geology of the Rocca Busambra-Corleone region, in centralwestern Sicily, is relevant to the understanding of the central sector of the Maghrebian-Sicilian fold-and-thrust belt. In the investigated area Mesozoic shallow- and deep-water carbonate
  • deposits pertaining respectively to the Trapanese and the Sicanian successions, and a thick Oligo-Miocene numidian flysch body, crop out. A structural analysis reveals complex tectonic relationships between the Trapanese carbonate platform tectonic unit
  • (the Rocca Busambra carbonate ridge) and the overthrusting Sicanian deepwater carbonate (Corleone-Barracù) and numidian flysch tectonic units, outcropping around the carbonate ridge. - (NF)
  • 2011
  • Arunachal Pradesh ; Earth surface processes ; Fault ; India ; Intermontane basin ; Mountain ; Quaternary ; Tectonic thrust ; Tectonics ; Vertical movement
  • The Medziphema intermontane basin developed in the schuppen belt of Nagaland, Northeast India, has been studied to understand its tectonic and geomorphic evolution on the basis of field evidence and morphometric parameters. Major part of the basin
  • 2011
  • as a sub-glacial traction till/comminution till. It is concluded that glacitectonic processes, notably differential bedrock weathering and thrusting, have played a key role in the formation of this drumlin.
  • 2011