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  • Italy ; Pliocene ; Regional geology ; Sicilia ; Stratigraphy ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonic thrust ; Tectonics
  • In the present paper integrated stratigraphy and structural analyses are aimed at the description of a synsedimentary transpressional tectonic event, driving the onset and development of the Early Pliocene Lascari Basin, located NW of the Madonie
  • Mountains (northern Sicily). This paper presents an original interpretation of the stratigraphic and structural evolution of the study sector of the Sicily Fold and Thrust Belt. Our data contribute also to both define the structural style and constrain
  • the timing of transpressional tectonic event in northern Sicily. A brief comparison performed between the data here presented and those coming from adjacent sectors of northern Sicily suggests that the transpressional tectonics in these sectors of the chain