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  • Irrigation technologies in Bangladesh. An evaluation of consequences of different technological levels
  • In the article attention will be directed to the national and individual efforts aiming at utilizing water for irrigation in order to be able to evaluate the potentiel and effects of irrigation, especially of the different technologies which
  • Technology choice in Bhutan : labour shortage, aid dependence, and a mountain environment
  • The A. advocates for Bhutan technologies which use little capital and are intensive in their use of land but not labour. - (DWG)
  • Technological innovation and agrarian change in the Philippines, with special reference to rice farming in the 1970s
  • The basic components of current technological innovation seeds, inputs, and credits failed to encourage the growth of domestic agro-industries. They brought the country to self-sufficiency in rice but created a new dependance on the foreign capital
  • Green revolution? Technology and change in rice-growing areas of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.
  • Village, technology and bureaucracy: patterns of irrigation organization in Comilla District, Bangladesh
  • Technological change and agrarian structure. A study of Bangladesh.
  • Land reform, technology and small scale farming : the ecology and economy of Gilaki-Rashti rice cultivation, Northern Iran.
  • The role of environment in limiting the adoption of new rice technology in Northeastern Thailand
  • The industrial transfer of technology and the comparative performance of domestic and foreign firms in India.
  • Traditional and new technology development in the Himalaya
  • Location specific research: rice technology in India
  • The rise of Korea's electronics industry : technological change, growth, and territorial distribution
  • Spawning the growth process in a non-central location| the case of high technology industry in Jerusalem
  • Technology and regional development policy : a review of Japan's technopolis programme
  • Appropriate technology and labour supply in rural India
  • , but the region lacks mineral and power sources. Good transport network, early exposure to industrialization, technology and large market are other supporting factors. The future depends on rejuvination of equipment and technology, specialization and environmental
  • India's forests have been continuously declining in recent years due to various reasons. The satellite technology has the potential to form a basis for a monitoring system of forest cover at the national level. - (PLK)
  • Irrigation technology and water management have an ancient tradition in this country. - (DWG)
  • Problèmes posés par l'adoption de technologies modernes en riziculture et hévéaculture dans la région de Kedah (Malaisie) par de petits paysans: bilan économique et social. (OC).