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  • Green Revolution technologies reconsidered. Another view. The Ethiopian example
  • The societal modes of distribution are important components of the institutional setting in every society. On the basis of an example from Ethiopia, the socio-political effects induced by the technologies applied during the Green Revolution
  • will be analysed. This will provide an insight for reassessing modern agricultural technologies in different societies. - (L'A.).
  • Rural industry and appropriate technology in Ghana
  • A study of weaving in Ashanti shows that funds should be injected into rural areas and simple technology encouraged if rural poverty is to be alleviated. (EMS).
  • The Volta River Project. A case study in politics and technology.
  • The technological choice of Kainji hydro-electric dam in Nigeria. A blessing curse
  • Fish farming in the Senegal river region: the use of appropriate technology to augment food supplies at the village level
  • Appropriate technology and public policy: the urban waste management system in Cairo
  • Technological innovations and changes in agrarian structures : the diffusion of animal traction in Cameroon and Togo
  • in the organization of labour relations, control over land and the regulating principles of land management. The main features of an agrarian structure which stands out at the preliminary conclusion of this institutional change initiated by technological innovations
  • Un choix stratégique, le choix des technologies agronomiques : exemple de la production animale
  • d'autres technologies de production animale, capables d'assurer le maintien et l'augmentation de la ration actuelle pour une population croissante avec un recours décroissant aux inputs importés. - (DS)
  • Reviving old technology ? : rural handicraft production in Southern Africa in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • Appropriate technology and the dynamics of village industry: a case study of pottery in Ghana
  • Small holder farm development through intermediate technology
  • A study of change in fishing technology and of the effect in the local economy, leading to indebtedness, and changing social consciousness. - (EMS)
  • It seems unlikely that non-oil exports can be stimulated, because of the stagnation of the agricultural sector and the high cost of production in the manufacturing sector. Luxury imports should be restricted and indigenous technology developed
  • As a result of the indigenisation programme, providers of foreign capital or technology will have increasingly diminishing participation. A gaming exercice attemps to show the long term effects that this will have on the economy. (EMS).
  • A detailed study of a mechanical cultivation scheme for rice in the riverain grasslands of southern Sierra Leone suggests that its failure was due to faults in the technological organization and to the lack of support and understanding from central
  • indigenous technology with federal support. (EMS).
  • Cassava in shifting cultivation. A systems approach to agricultural technology development in Africa.
  • , notably technological change in the sugarmill, and the displacement of the descendants of the artisanal Mauritians from their former refuges in the sugarmilling villages of Natal. (AJC).
  • Asian Institute of Technology. Division of human settlements development. Bangkok, Thailande