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  • Extinguishing disaster in Alpine France : the fate of reforestation as technocratic debacle
  • The idea of calamity in a technocratic age in Interpretations of calamity.
  • Technocratic norms, political culture and climate change governance
  • of California in the United States. In each, it finds varying interactions between global technocratic narratives and scale-level political and cultural structures. These context specific interactions in turn contribute to different governance and economic
  • of a technocratic elite, this involved the positioning of economic rationality in managing strategic state institutions and the creation of knowledge about society. We explain the mechanisms that enabled economists to occupy these positions, displacing other social
  • reinforced and been reinforced by the technocratic inclinations of global climate management. The social organization of climate change science and its articulation with the political process raise important questions about trust, uncertainty, and expertise