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  • A tight drop exchange algorithm for solving the p median problem
  • Tighter bonds? Customer-supplier linkages in semiconductors
  • Is the labor market tighter outside the ghetto ?
  • . It is conceptualized as a form of territorialization devised to regulate and capture advantages to some of the participants in the industry. The distribution of vine varieties in France and California illustrates the tight control in France.
  • , and if the tight bind of the conservative system is broken. The material, social and cultural conditions of French geography are analysed, major directions identified, and propositions outlined, on the basis of an extensive study.
  • Tight clusters or loose networks? the critical role of inward foreign direct investment in cluster creation
  • , is attributed to a combination of tight packing of the till, permeability of the capping loess, rapid revegetation following ice retreat, and roots from the present grassland vegetation and possibly former forests.
  • as long as such kind of deposits as the deposited substances are a dangerous potential for the biosphere. From the thermodynamical point of view there exist no tight deposits. Regenerative deposits (for example municipal wastes, mixed noxious and building
  • neighbourhoods and that may also exist in parallel at one place: the passing-by community, the tight community, the weak community, and the split community. By understanding how neighbourhoods develop socially in different ways, it may be possible to increase
  • This article examines the social and political significance of the Indian term jugād, which, crudely, means “make do and mend” or “find a way around”—for example, fixing a car fan belt with a pair of tights, in western Uttar Pradesh. Firstly
  • (Pleistocene) fossil karst system characteristic of Alan, Ishkaft, Albu Saif and Hammam structures. The fossil karst system is preserved on remnant elevated old land surfaces and produces characteristic tight undulations in the limestone due to collapse inwards
  • that is especially suitable for cities and regions in which resources are tight. - (BJ)
  • Paleoeskimo axial-feature were excavated. Radiocarbon analysis revealed a tight cluster of dates, ca. AD 1200-1420, from the Late Dorset and Thule features : intensified Late Dorset-early Thule occupation followed by apparent abandonment coincident