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  • Griffith Taylor and geography in Canada in Reflections and visions. 25 years of geography at Waterloo.
  • Biographie ; Déterminisme ; Environnement ; Histoire de la géographie ; Pensée géographique ; Taylor (G.)
  • Taylor built at Toronto an international reputation. He wrote on large, important topics : environment and nation, world peace and future world population. He explored new areas in geography.
  • Glacial geomorphology of Bonney drift, Taylor valley, Antarctica
  • The aim of this paper is to document the response of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) near the Dry Valleys to the excess warmth of the last interglaciation by establishing the behavior of Taylor Glacier. The AA. present a model for the deposition
  • by Taylor Glacier of Bonney drift in central Taylor Valley. Bonney drift is important because it records the penultimate advance of Taylor Glacier through central and lower Taylor Valley.
  • Geochronology of Bonney drift, Taylor Valley, Antarctica : evidence for interglacial expansions of Taylor glacier
  • This study focuses on glaciogenic sediments in Taylor Valley, which features Taylor Glacier, an outlet of the peripheral Taylor Dome of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS). Here, the AA. present the geochronology of Bonney drift.
  • The pulse of citizenship : reflections on Griffith Taylor and Nation-Planning
  • Australie ; Citoyenneté ; Education ; Histoire de la géographie ; Histoire des idées ; Impérialisme ; Nationalisme ; Taylor (G.)
  • education, and encompasses the inauguration of a recognisably academic geography in Austalia. The discussion extracts a few lessons from Taylor's approach to Nation-Planning to suggest an appropriate orientation to current reformism in Australian education.
  • Griffith Taylor's palimpsest theory of the Dry Valleys of Victoria Land, Antarctica
  • Griffith Taylor was the first geomorphologist to work in the Dry Valleys of southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. He proposed a multistage model in which earlier cirque erosion was later swamped by expanding outlet glaciers. Subsequently
  • these glaciers retreated leaving the present form of the valleys. The topography retained the imprint of each episode, hence his name palimpsest theory. The A. summarises later research and compares Taylor's theory with current views.
  • Griffith Taylor: a geographer to remember
  • Canada ; Ecole géographique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Taylor (G.)
  • Le Britannique Griffith Taylor (1880-1963) fut le fondateur de la géographie au Canada lorsqu'il créa en 1935 le Département de Géographie de l'Université de Toronto. Il fit partie de l'expédition britannique antarctique de 1910/1912 organisée par
  • Capitalisme ; Centre-périphérie ; Concept ; Economie internationale ; Economie-monde ; Epistémologie ; Géographie historique ; Géographie humaine ; Géographie politique ; Mode de production ; Ordre économique mondial ; TAYLOR (P.) ; WALLERSTEIN (I.)
  • Débat épistémologique sur les concepts de Wallerstein et leur appréciation par Taylor.
  • Late Pleistocene glacial chronology of the Taylor Valley, Antarctica, and the global climate
  • Antarctique, Est ; Antarctique, continent ; Avancée glaciaire ; Glaciation ; Géochronologie ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Interglaciaire ; Quaternaire chronologie ; Quaternaire environnement ; Taylor Valley
  • L'analyse isotopique et géochimique des dépôts carbonatés lacustres et deltaïques de la Taylor Valley confirme que le Taylor Glacier a connu des avancées glaciaires durant chacun des trois derniers Interglaciaires, en réponse à un épaississement de
  • Special issue for Peter J. Taylor
  • Etat-nation ; Frontière ; Géographie politique ; Géopolitique ; Mondialisation ; Structure spatiale ; TAYLOR (P.J.) ; Territoire ; Territorialité
  • 1. Les notions de territoire et de territorialité en géographie politique (R.J. Johnston). 2. La mondialisation selon J. Taylor : réflexions sur quelques points de repère (G. Youngs). 3. Brésil-Tordesillas, année 2000 (B.K. Becker). 4. Notes sur la
  • Géographie politique de P. Taylor : économie internationale, Etat et localité (A. Kirby). 5. La territorialité, la politique et l'urbain (K.R. Cox). La résistance au processus d'hégémonie américaine : l'évolution de la géographie politique du nativisme du
  • Wisconsinan and Holocene climate history from an ice core at Taylor Dome, western Ross Embayment, Antarctica
  • Antarctique ; Carotte de glace ; Changement global ; Déglaciation ; Géochimie ; Géophysique ; Holocène ; Oxygène 18 ; Paléoclimatologie ; Réchauffement climatique ; Taylor Dome ; Wisconsinien
  • Geochemical data and geophysical measurements from a 554-m ice-core from Taylor Dome, East Antarctica, provide the basis for climate reconstruction in the western Ross Embayment through the entire Wisconsinan and Holocene. Finally, the AA. discuss
  • the significance of the Taylor Dome record in the context of Antarctic ice sheet configuration, regional outlet and alpine glaciers, and global climate dynamics.
  • Chronology of Taylor glacier advances in Arena Valley, Antarctica, using in situ cosmogenic 3He and 10Be
  • of Quaternary moraine and older deposits formed by Taylor Glacier in Arena Valley, in the Dry Valleys region of Antarctica.
  • Limited pliocene glacier extent and surface uplift in middle Taylor Valley, Antarctica
  • The purpose of this paper is to assess the degree of stability/instability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Pliocene by dating and mapping surficial deposits in middle Taylor Valley in the Dry Valleys region of southern Victoria Land.
  • Ignorance and historical geographies of Aboriginal exclusion : evidence from the 2007 Bouchard-Taylor Commission on Reasonable Accommodation
  • The AA. undertake a geographically sensitive analysis of Quebec's 2007 Bouchard-Taylor Commis-sion to demonstrate how ignorance of Aboriginal realities works strategically to sustain unequally occupied rhetorical and material space. They analyze how
  • . The case of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission demonstrates how ignorance operates in highly sophisticated and often readily justifiable ways to uphold settler interests.
  • Eva Germaine Rimington Taylor, 1879-1966
  • Biographie ; Ecole britannique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Histoire des sciences ; Localisation industrielle ; Pensée géographique ; Siècle 20 ; TAYLOR (E.)
  • After graduating in chemistry, Eva Taylor taught science and then studied geography at the University of Oxford, where she was trained in the holistic conception of the discipline. She then wrote successful textbooks for schoolchildren, while
  • Griffith Taylor and the SE Australian Highlands : issues of data sources and testability in interpretations of long-term drainage history and landscape evolution
  • The A. summarises briefly Griffith Taylor's reconstruction of the drainage history of SE Australia, and how it came to be incorporated into the early plate tectonic interpretations of the evolution of Tasman-margin landscapes. He then uses
  • the existence of viewpoints that do not agree with Taylor's interpretation as a springboard for a consideration of the conceptual methodological problems associated with reconstructing long-term landscape evolution, and specifically the history of denudational
  • TAYLOR, D., (Compilateur)