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  • Brittle tectonics of the Thingvellir and Hengill volcanic systems, Southwest Iceland : field studies and numerical modelling
  • Aerial photography ; Fault ; Geomorphological map ; Graben ; Iceland ; Numerical model ; Shear stress ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Volcano
  • This paper focuses on field studies and numerical models of fracture development in the area of the Hengill Central Volcano and its northern fissure swarm containing the Thingvellir Graben, in Southwest Iceland. Apart from additional field data
  • on normal faults, a new detailed map of the Holocene fractures in the Thingvellir Graben is presented and used as a basis for numerical models on normal fault development. Results and discussion.
  • Numerical simulations of salinity, turbidity and sediment accumulation in the Scheldt Estuary in Ecohydrodynamics.
  • A hydrodynamic and a dispersion model have been devised. Both models are two-dimensional, vertically integrated, and are solved numerically with a multioperational finite difference scheme (grid 300 300 m). (LW).
  • Numerical classification and ordination methods in biogeography
  • The aim of this review is, first, to summarize the more recent changing patterns in the application of numerical classification (cluster analysis) and ordination techniques and related techniques in biogeography. Second, this review seeks
  • Satellite images and their use in the numerical modelling of coastal processes
  • The interpretation of Landsat imagery of a coastal embayment in the NW Aegean Sea is compared with numerical model outputs representing the same environment : remotely sensed data and output from the hydrodynamic and dispersion models can
  • Numerical modeling of the late Weichselian Svalbard-Barents Sea ice sheet
  • Arctic Region ; Barents Sea ; Climatic variation ; Geochronology ; Glaciology ; Ice sheet ; Isostasy ; Model ; Numerical model ; Quaternary ; Svalbard
  • This paper uses a time-dependent glaciological model to produce numerical reconstructions of the late Weichselian Svalbard-Barents Sea Ice Sheet, taking account of recent geological, biological, and chronostratigraphic evidence of climatic change
  • Numerical investigation into the influence of geometry and construction materials on urban street climate
  • Applied climatology ; Energy balance ; Microclimate ; Model ; Numerical model ; Temperature ; Urban climate ; Urban construction
  • A numerical model is developed for simulating the nocturnal cooling of the ground and walls in typical urban canyons. The model is capable of dealing with homogeneous as well as inhomogeneous (layered) soil and wall substrates. Experiments carried
  • Validation of a numerical method to quantify depression storage by direct measurements on moulded surfaces
  • The aim of this study is to verify the hypothesis that the numerical method to determine surface storage is sufficiently accurate, by comparing the storage values obtained from the numerical method to the measured storage. A key problem
  • Numerical simulation of the impacts of climate warming on a permafrost mound
  • Canada ; Climatic warming ; Cold area ; Numerical model ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Quebec ; Simulation ; Thawing
  • permafrost nearer to the surface and accelerates its thawing. It should be included in any numerical simulation.
  • Numerical simulation of the inception of channel meandering
  • Bank erosion ; Channel geometry ; Meander ; Numerical model ; Sediment load ; Sediment transport ; Simulation ; Stream ; Suspended load
  • The inception of channel meandering is the result of the complex interaction between flow, bed sediment, and bank material. This study presents a two-dimensional numerical model that links a physically based bank erosion model with the bend
  • Numeric simulation of permafrost degradation in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau
  • Can better environmental inputs improve sea clutter estimation? A numerical experiment
  • The geometric properties of numerical generalization
  • Numerical classification of some Southern sodic soils
  • A numerical approach to interdependent location decisions in The Los Angeles Meeting, Novembre 1979.
  • The Use of a comparative particle size distribution index for the numerical classification of soil parent materials: application to mollisols of the Argentinian pampa
  • Numerical classification of soils and its application in survey
  • La utilizacion del suelo en la hoja num. 510 (Marchamalo)
  • Ecological studies of Utonaito bog near Tomakomai, Hokkaido Numerical analysis of plant communities.
  • A numerical study of three catastrophic precipitating events over southern France. I. Numerical framework and synoptic ingredients
  • Atmospheric dynamics ; Catastrophe ; Convection ; France ; Heavy rain ; Languedoc-Roussillon ; Model ; Numerical model ; Precipitation ; Weather type
  • Numerical modelling of aeolian erosion over rough surfaces
  • Aeolian features ; Dust ; Numerical model ; Roughness ; Shear stress ; Simulation ; Turbulence ; Wind erosion
  • Three-dimensional numerical simulations, simulating wind flow over a bed of particles covered by roughness elements, were conducted in order to investigate the effect of roughness elements on the shear stress near the surface. The results confirm
  • that the erosion of soil by wind is strongly attenuated by the presence of roughness elements on the surface and depends on the geometric properties of the roughness elements. Based on the new numerical results obtained, a refinement of existing theoretical