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  • Increased energy economy and efficiency in the ECE Region| study on measures taken, or which might be taken, to achieve increased economy and efficiency in the extraction, conversion, transport and use of energy in the ECE Region
  • The space of the dream : a case of mis-taken identity ?
  • location as such for the purposes of international tourism. If it is a case of mis-taken identity, however, does it matter ?
  • Influences on the location and behaviour of transnational corporations : some examples taken from Japanese investment in Australia
  • In the course of measures taken in orden to decrease settlement density, regions have been formed (from 62 villages 20 regions), fusion of co-operatives have taken place. The A. analyses some results of the reconstruction of the settlement network
  • The determination of former shoreline positions in areas of large tidal range, with examples taken mainly from Scotland
  • The pedological development in a sandy loamy soil in Northern Jutland, Denmark, has been described. The profile was strongly leached, a clay migration has taken place, and a marked Bt-horizon was developed. The Bt-horizon was later slightly
  • degradated. In the eluvial horizon to this Bt-horizon a podzol has been formed, in which a new clay migration has taken place. (Ed.).
  • A sign taken for history: Daniel Shays' memorial in Petersham, Massachusetts
  • A review of the UK government's response to the Rio declaration demonstrates faltering purpose, reinforcing and reflecting public distrust of government. A very modest comfort can be taken from its limited initiatives which range from the greater
  • dissemination of information to the setting of some environmental targets. The unwillingness of government to promote major fiscal or financial reforms, or to decentralize power and initiative, reveal the inadequacy of the steps so far taken.
  • To provide more detail information on the effect of flow rate on strontium isotope ratios, the Sr 87/Sr 86 ratio was measured in streamwater samples taken at low and high flow rates and also in samples taken at four and eight hourly intervals during
  • , between market and the farms, in the distribution of market-oriented fragile crops, such as vegetable and fodder crops and fruits have been taken into consideration. The study area taken is Amritsar City. - (PLK)
  • The choice of pollution control instruments : why is so little notice taken of economists' recommendations?
  • Photographs taken in 1892-1893 of the United States-Mexico international boundary monuments in the Chihuahuan and Sonoran Deserts were compared to repeat photos taken 90 years later as a way of determining vegetation changes. Many areas
  • Research policy and review 33. Why is more notice not taken of economists' prescriptions for the control of pollution?
  • Soviet population census to be taken January 12, 1989
  • method and the manner of the dead and the development work, in the influence of the tectonics must be taken into the consideration. For the estimation of the mining safety also the knowledge about the fracture tectonics developed in the planned mining
  • section must be taken in consideration. (HL).
  • Torténelmi forrasok és térképek szerepe a kornyezetben antropogén hatasra végbement valtozasok foldrajzi vizsgalatakor. (The role of historical sources and maps at the geographical researches on change taken place in the environment due
  • The Northsea region taken as an example for the behaviour of artificial radioisotopes in nearshore sea areas in Marine radioecology = Radioécologie marine.
  • The concept of allegory is used as a device for illuminating the possible meanings of a monument. The affinities between monumental and allegorical works are discussed. A thirty-year-old memorial column in Armidale, NSW, is taken as a case study.
  • The present discourse demonstrates the thoughts related to the possibilities and consequences of an adaptation for the geographic settlement systems research of the methodological approaches and concepts taken from natural sciences, especially
  • The A. documents landscape change around Lake Tahoe straddling the Nevada-California border by rephotographing scenes taken at an earlier time. Once the site of extensive logging operations, mining and fishing, Lake Tahoe is now primarily a tourist