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  • Late Holocene tephrochronology of the northern Antarctic Peninsula
  • Antarctica ; C14 dating ; Climatic variation ; Holocene ; Quaternary ; Tephrochronology
  • for a preliminary regional tephrochronology that will be a valuable dating tool for investigating the Holocene climatic history of Antarctica.
  • The application of tephrochronology in Iceland in Tephra studies.
  • The situation in Iceland for establishing a tephrochronological time scale is very good... Tephrochronology has been applied to studies of the eruption history of the most active volcanoes. It has also been utilised in archaeological research
  • and palynology, studies of fluvial erosion, wind erosion, and in cryopedological and glaciological research. A tephrochronology correlation between Iceland, the European continent and Greenland has been established.
  • Dating early and middle Pleistocene glaciations in central Yukon by tephrochronology
  • Canada ; Dating ; Glaciation ; K/Ar dating ; Palaeo-environment ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Tephrochronology ; Thermoluminescence ; Yukon
  • on the timing of extensive Pleistocene glaciations that affected this area. This approach relies on the tephrochronological method, augmented by glass-fission-track, K-Ar, and TL (thermoluminescence) ages, which are supported at some localities by paleomagnetic
  • The interrelationship between magnetostratigraphy and tephrochronology in Tephra studies.
  • Tephra studies and tephrochronology: a historical review with special reference to Iceland in Tephra studies.
  • Glacier peak volcano: tephrochronology, eruption history and volcanic hazards in Tephra studies.
  • Tephrochronological study of slope deposits in the northwestern Kitakami mountains
  • Tephrochronology and palaeoecology: the value of isochrones in Tephra studies.
  • The applications of tephrochronology to the correlation of temporally similar yet spatially disjunct flora and fauna are discussed, using as examples recent work in Iceland and Kenya. The paucity of such studies is noted and its relevance to studies
  • Tephrochronology and its applications to problems in new-world archaeology in Tephra studies.
  • Tephrochronology of the western Gulf of Mexico for the last 185, 000 years
  • Globalization of tephrochronology : new views from Australasia
  • Bibliography ; Dating ; Methodology ; Pyroclastic ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphic correlation ; Stratigraphy ; Taxonomy ; Tephrochronology ; Years 2000-2009
  • Tephrochronologic constraints on the Late Pleistocene history of the southern margin of the Cordilleran ice sheet, Western Washington
  • C 14 dating ; Geochemistry ; Glacier advance ; Palaeogeography ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; Tephrochronology ; Thermoluminescence ; United States of America ; Washington State
  • Tephrochronology at DSPD site 502 in the western Caribbean in Tephra studies.
  • A composite core consisting of four Hydraulic Piston Cores at DSDP Site 502 in the western Carribbean were analyzed for dispersed tephra. Peaks in dispersed tephra abundance were combined with megascopic ash layers to produce a tephrochronology
  • Alaska ; C 14 dating ; Dating ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; Tephrochronology ; Volcanic eruption ; Volcanism
  • Edgecumbe tephra layer greatly improves its utility as a tephrochronologic marker horizon in southeastern Alaska.
  • Asian part of Russia ; Glaciation ; Glacier fluctuation ; Holocene ; Kamchatka ; Lichenometry ; Moraine ; Quaternary ; Russian Far East ; Tephrochronology
  • This study investigates the Holocene chronology of glacier fluctuations in the headwaters of Sredniaya Avacha, a tributary to Avacha. Holocene glacial deposits are subdivided into 3 age groups based upon geomorphic features, tephrochronology
  • The AA. summarize various estimates of the minimum age of the Summit Lake landslide. Tephrochronology and two-radiocarbon dates establish that the slide was deposited between, 7 840 and 19,000 yr B.P.| age estimates from soil data are less
  • conclusive, but fall within the range indicated by tephrochronology. Divergence time determined by seriological and morphological characteristics of trout populations (3.8 to 17.2 ka) also is in reasonable agreement with the other estimates.
  • Tephrochronology by microprobe glass analysis in Tephra studies.
  • Quaternary tephrochronology in the Mediterranean region in Tephra studies.
  • Marine tephrochronology and Quaternary explosive volcanism in the Lesser Antilles arc in Tephra studies.
  • Lichenometric dating and tephrochronology of sandur deposits, Solheimajokull area, southern Iceland