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  • Systems dynamics approach for objective assessment of essential environmental facilities and their policy needs - Sapporo case study
  • Analyse de système ; Croissance urbaine ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Hokkaido ; Japon ; Politique urbaine ; Sapporo
  • This study searches for a comprehensive system model that could explain and examine the various factors needed to be understood to frame short and long term policy guidelines, particularly in the area of essential environmental facilities. - (SGA)
  • Dynamic geomorphology of the Israeli coast: a brief review in Coastal problems, in the mediterranean sea.
  • Wave climate. Longshore sediment transport. Shelf sediment transport. Nearshore bar systems. Dunes. The net transport direction between Haifa and Tel-Aviv. The effects of coastal structures. Future sediment transport along the Israeli Coast.
  • Water in India with reference to agriculture and population : some issues and patterns. Dynamic approaches needed for development
  • Agriculture ; Besoins en eau ; Disparités régionales ; Eau ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Inde ; Irrigation ; Plante cultivée ; Pression démographique ; Récolte ; Système de culture ; Sécheresse ; Utilisation de l'eau
  • This paper reports the estimate of the repercussive pollution by the method based on the interregional input-output model. It presents the estimate of the environmental pollution control investment by the method based on the system dynamics
  • Locational dynamics and spatial structures in the Japanese manufacturing industries : a review on the Japanese industrial restructuring process of leading sectors
  • This paper compares some of the methodological and empirical studies in western countries and Japan, especially those which examine locational dynamics and spatial structures of leading industries in the recent restructuring process. - (SGA)
  • ST A new method to study the moving laws of river runoff's dynamics : two-stage-sequential method
  • Regional structure of commodity flows in Japan : an application of dynamic geographical field theory
  • Dynamic geographical field theory is an expanded version of the static geographical field theory first proposed by Berry (1966). It implies that changes of spatial interaction and changes of spatial structure are mutually-defining and isomorphic
  • The dynamic of city hinterland relationship : the Indian case in La péri-urbanisation dans les pays tropicaux.
  • Dynamic spatial patterns of age structure in metropolitan Tel Aviv in Studies in the population of Israel. In honor of Roberto Bachi.
  • Dynamic ecology of the Pinus pumila community of Mts. Taisetsu, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • Socio-economic development and the dynamics of child mortality among sedentarizing Bedouin in Israel
  • Dynamics of development and tradition: the architecture of Ladakh and Bhutan
  • Dynamics of labour force in Nepal (1961-1976)
  • Population dynamics of a foot-hill sal (Shorea robusta Gaertn. f.) forest in Kumaun Himalaya
  • Spatial-temporal dynamics of urban district population in Hong Kong, 1961-1981 : a trend surface analysis in Spatial modelling.
  • Global vegetation dynamics : satellite observations over Asia
  • The Dynamics of a changing agriculture in a micro watershed in the Kumaun hills of Uttar Pradesh in The Himalaya. Aspects of change.
  • Changing housing norms of a dynamic minority population: the urbanizing Arab villagers of Israel
  • Nomads and the state : the spatial dynamics of centrifugal and centripetal forces among the Israeli Negev Bedouin
  • Dynamics of provincial development and disparity in Iran, 1956-1984