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  • Dynamics of indigenous fuelwood production systems : an analysis of Kano, Nigeria
  • Public policy and the dynamics of urban settlement system in Nigeria
  • The residential dynamics of a city in transition : the case of land ownership in Harare, Zimbabwe, 1978-1985
  • Evidence is considered to show that continuity of the equitable land ownership system in Harare has inhibited a socialist transformation of Zimbabwean society.
  • Structural and spatial dynamics of industrial activity in a traditional city Ibadan, Nigeria
  • A study of the industrial development of the city from traditional craft to a modern factory system. The present capital-intensive production is wasteful and effort should be concentrated instead on labour-intensive methods and improvement
  • The dynamics of change in the rural marketing system of Southeastern Nigeria
  • Disparités régionales ; Evolution démographique ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Répartition de la population ; Système de peuplement ; Urbanisation ; Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe's population geography dynamics are examined, typifying sub-Saharan trends in certain respects, but locally modified by the colonial heritage of commercial farmland and a semi-developed system of urban places.
  • Land use dynamics and restructuring on some sectors of the grassfields plateau (Cameroon)
  • Agro-pastoralisme ; Cameroun ; Cameroun du Nord-Ouest ; Développement rural ; Fulani ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Paysage rural ; Pâturage ; Stratégie de développement ; Surface cultivée ; Système de culture ; Utilisation du sol ; Village
  • The dynamics of human-environment interactions in the tropical montane agrosystems of Rwanda : implications for economic development and environmental stability
  • Agriculture ; Agrosystème ; Culture intensive ; Développement ; Ecologie humaine ; Environnement ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Montagne ; Pastoral ; Pression démographique ; Rwanda ; Système de culture
  • Growth dynamics of geographical literature on Nigeria
  • Dynamics of urban population growth in Nigeria: the role of repeated migration
  • The dynamics of population change in southern Nigeria
  • Refugee dynamics: Angolans in Zambia 1966 to 1972
  • The Dynamics of location: a von Thünen-supply analysis of the changing spatial characteristics of cotton in Uganda
  • Remote sensing of coastal geomorphology and dynamics in Kabylia, Algeria in Coastal problems, in the mediterranean sea.
  • Appropriate technology and the dynamics of village industry: a case study of pottery in Ghana
  • The Toshka-Canal dune : analysis of development and dynamics in Aeolian geomorphology. Proceedings.
  • The dynamic landscape around Akum and Santa (Bamenda Highland Region) : landslides
  • Towards a strategy of controling the spatial dynamics of development. Nigerian approach
  • A study of the dynamic ecology of Zambian vegetation
  • Dynamics of deflation hollows in the Elands Bay area, Cape Province, South Africa