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  • Economic-ecologic analysis: a note on Isard's approach
  • Ecologie ; Economie régionale ; Ecosystème ; Géographie physique ; Modèle d'équilibre de von Neumann ; Méthodologie ; Système économique
  • The economics of fitness and adaptedness: the interaction of sylvan cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and the boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis Boh.). An example
  • Adaptabilité ; Agriculture ; Ajustement ; Analyse de système ; Anthonome ; Anthonomus grandis Boh ; Coton ; Dynamique des populations ; Ecosystème ; Etude de cas ; Gossypium hirsutum L ; Géographie physique ; Modèle analogique ; Méthodologie
  • ; Relation proie-prédateur ; Révolution verte ; Simulation ; Stratégie de survie ; Système
  • Economic uncertainties in water resources project design
  • Présentation d'une méthode permettant aux décideurs d'analyser les incertitudes économiques d'un projet de système de ressources en eau, indépendamment des incertitudes hydrologiques. Les variables économiques sont traitées comme des variables
  • Coopération ; Ecosystème ; Environnement ; Géo-écologie ; Géographie appliquée ; Géographie physique ; Modélisation ; Montagne ; Organisation internationale ; Projet ; Recherche ; Système de culture ; Technique de recherche ; Zonation altitudinale
  • Overview of the evolution of research on mountains with particular attention to the Unesco Man and the Biosphere (MAB) projects. The AA. advocate more modelling efforts to favor economic development in mountains and to deal with the problem
  • Banque de données ; France ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphodynamique ; Informatique ; Mouvement de masse ; Projet ; Système informatique
  • , always harmfull economically.
  • Economic deposits and their tectonic setting.
  • On climate change and economic analysis
  • The impact of climatic variations on British economic growth, 1856-1913
  • Climate and economic competitiveness : Florida freezes and the global citrus processing industry
  • Economic use of weather and climate information : concepts and an agricultural example
  • Wasser-ein Problem unserer Zeit. Wasserwirtschaft-Gewässerschutz.. (Water. An actual problem. Water economics and water resources protection)
  • Economic activity, water resources, and the environment: a challenge for hydrology
  • This research applies a geographic perspective to the interface of biotic, atmospheric and socio-economic factors. Analysis is based on primary and secondary data sources that include synoptic weather maps, formal and informal scientific reports
  • attempts to evaluate the costs and benefits of weather and climate at the national scale, and concluding with a review of the potential applications and economic benefits to be derived from weather satellite data. (L'A).
  • The natural and artificial regulation of water balance in the soil moisture zone is not only hydrologically important but also entwined with economic interests. The present study, a summary of the results of an international (IAHS) project, outlines
  • In this paper the discussion is opened towards the application of polymers for soil stabilizing problems. It is shown some geotechnical improvement can be expected with non-toxic polybutadiene polymers| although the economical considerations must
  • Chemical substances as well as organic compounds caused by antropogen activities and/or natural processes get into pedo- and hydrosphere and change by this way the conditions of substrats. Eight papers deal with reactions to ability of economic use
  • changes and evolution of the transverse section are discussed. The variations are between the development of braided channels or a single meandering channel. Gains and losses in the economic activities located around the channels are outlined. (TNC).
  • Four categories of drilling and sampling application are discussed: (1) engineering-geological investigations to assess the foundation conditions for large offshore structures, (2) mineral exploration to determine the economic value of potential
  • Toute période de plus de dix jours sans pluie utile provoque un déficit d'alimentation en eau des cultures. D'où la nécessité d'une irrigation de complément. Exemple d'un schéma cultural qui permet une utilisation économe de l'eau au Burkina Faso