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  • Indian economic behaviour, exchange and profits in northern Manitoba during the decline of monopoly, 1870-1930
  • marché et peuvent agir à leur manière sur le système des prix.
  • Theoretical problems in physical and economic geography.
  • L'ouvrage analyse les développements théoriques et méthodologiques fondamentaux intervenus dans la géographie soviétique de 1966 à 1970. Le sujet, le système et la classification des sciences géographiques sont tout d'abord étudiés. Ensuite, un
  • The development of the migratory farm labor system in Texas: 1900-1954
  • C. r. par J. Pratt, J. econom. History, 1977, n4 pp. 1048-1049. Les premières décennies du siècle virent un afflux d'immigrants, parfois saisonniers, du Mexique au Texas dont les grandes exploitations étaient alors en plein développement
  • Capitalisme ; Durham ; Economie ; England ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Histoire économique ; Industrialisation ; Royaume-Uni ; Révolution industrielle ; Siècle XVIII ; Système économique ; Temps modernes
  • pressure of growth made the England of the 17th and 18th centuries demonstrate the capacities of her early capitalist economic and social orders in contrast to France. This structure enabled England to enjoy an evolutionary development from early to high
  • capitalism which had to be initiated by force as an abrupt break on the continent. As to the time of these events we may adopt the so-called take-off of about 1780 from the macro-economic concept while taking into consideration that the industrialization
  • The economic history of world population.
  • Industry and economic decline in seventeenth century Venice
  • Development of Alfred Rühl's thinking on economic geography in Cosmology, epistemology and the history of geography.
  • The A. has attempted to shed light on the change of Rühl's thought, regarded in Germany as one of the most eminent economic geographers. - (SGA)
  • Medieval hamlets in North-Western Dalarna : development of physical, economic and social organisation
  • The Economic structure of port cities in the mid-nineteenth century: Boston and Liverpool, 1840-1860
  • An economic history of tropical Africa. Vol.1. The precolonial period. Vol.2. The colonial period
  • Dutch economic geography in retrospect
  • Main trends of Indian studies in Japan - An economic historian's view in Recent trends and perspectives in regional geography of South Asia.
  • The economic foundations of an Islamic theocracy: the case of Masina
  • On the occasion of the Hundredth Anniversary of the founder of the Soviet economic geographical school. His influence on the geographers in Bulgaria is basical, especially on the concept of economic regionalization.
  • Time-geography and economic development : the changing structure of livelihood positions on arable farms in Nineteenth century Sweden
  • Myth and reality in the origin of American economic geography
  • Soviet geography today, social and economic geography.
  • C.r. par F. F. M. Mendels, J. econom. History, 1977, n4, pp.1079-1082.
  • The nomads of Algeria under French rule : a study of social and economic change
  • Railroads and German economic growth. A leading sector analysis with comparison to the United States and Great Britain