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  • Financing federal states in a federal system - the German experience before and after unification
  • The federal financial constitution is an essential element of the federal, decentralised political system. It regulates the fiscal equalisation among the Länder. The purpose of this instrument is to elevate the financial strength of the financially
  • equalisation. In 2005 there must be found a new regulation. This raises the question as to whether the high equalisation goal in Germany is compatible with a territorial structure on the Länder level, which makes probable an extremely varied economic
  • Accessibility ; Economic restructuring ; German Democratic Republic ; Germany ; Infrastructure ; Public transport ; Railway ; Road ; Traffic ; Transport
  • East-West axes within the framework of the Verkehrsprojekte Deutsche Einheit. These projects got important impacts for the accessibility of East German regions and economic development in their close vicinity. After industry collapsed the railway lost
  • Economic restructuring ; Environmental degradation ; Germany ; Industry ; Land use ; Landscape ; Lignite ; Mine ; Restructuring process
  • Agricultural production ; Agriculture ; Economic restructuring ; Employment ; Farm ; Farm size ; German Democratic Republic ; Germany ; Rural change
  • Economic restructuring ; Employment ; Employment structure ; Germany ; Labour ; Labour market ; Labour productivity ; Unemployment ; Wage
  • Behaviour ; Economic restructuring ; German Democratic Republic ; Germany ; Living conditions ; Quality of life ; Social geography
  • detrimental. This reveals an inability to steer the landscape development process as a whole. Concepts of regional environmental quality, sustainable land use concepts, economic steering instruments and ecological scenarios develop slowly as principles
  • Attendance ; Economic restructuring ; Germany ; Leisure ; Tourism ; Tourist region
  • Centrality ; Economic restructuring ; Germany ; Polarization ; Producer services ; Service ; Tertiary sector