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  • Acidophilous oak forests in South Sweden
  • How many lakes are there in Sweden?
  • Extrapolation ; Lake ; Quantitative analysis ; Regression analysis ; Sweden
  • The basic aim is, to provide an estimate of the number of lakes in Sweden. The method to do this concerns transformations, regressions and extrapolations.
  • Till in Sweden
  • The article gives a brief summary of till investigations in Sweden, which have long traditions. The main types of till and moraine forms occurring in Sweden are briefly defined and the till stratigraphy is described. A main part of the article
  • The transfer of technology from Great Britain to Sweden 1825-1850
  • Diffusion of innovations ; Great Britain ; Historical geography ; Importation ; Industrialization ; Industry ; Nineteenth Century ; Sweden ; Technological innovation ; Technology ; Technology transfer ; United Kingdom
  • The AA. have traced the import of machine-tools to Sweden, and mapped the diffusion of that technology within Sweden. Britain was the predominant supplier of technology to Sweden, and the city of Gothenburg was the principal entry point
  • Sweden buries its radioactive waste problems
  • Holocene glacial variations in Sarek National Park northern Sweden
  • The highest coastline in south-eastern Sweden
  • Retail change and downtown commercial viability. The case of Norrkoping, Sweden
  • Inequality in Sweden : has the spatial dimension been annihilated?
  • Regional disparities ; Social indicators ; Social inequity;Social disparity ; Standard of living ; Sweden ; Welfare;Well-being
  • The A. analyzes the detailed statistics on Swedish life to conclude that Sweden has gone far toward obliterating regional differences in the important indices of well-being.―(DWG)
  • Deep-weathered rock in western Sweden
  • Several sites with deep, weathered rock covered by till have been found in western Sweden. The material is unconsolidated, in some cases glacially tectonized. The weathered rock reveals neoformed minerals like smectite, kaolinite, and goethite
  • . These minerals are typical for lateritic weathering which took place in southern Sweden during Triassic-Tertiary times. Smectite may have formed under recent conditions, too.
  • Sweden in Geology of the european countries. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
  • International expansion of an apparel retailer―Hennes and Mauritz of Sweden
  • Clothing ; Enterprise;Firm ; Export ; Firm economics ; Firm strategy ; Marketing channel ; Retail trade ; Shop ; Sweden
  • Geoecological aspects of episodic permafrost expansion in North Sweden
  • This paper reports the formation of new discontinuous permafrost and very late seasonal ground thawing in North Sweden. The results are discussed in a historical perspective and in relation to recent climatic variability.
  • Deep weathering in Sweden
  • In Sweden the following types of deep-weathering can be distinguished : complete formation of kaolinite, less complete chemical weathering, granular weathering, and fracturing into angular blocks. It is suggested that weathering is of greater
  • Fiscal flows and financial markets : to what extent do they provide risk sharing within Sweden ?
  • Financial market ; Gross national product ; Regional economy ; Risk ; Sweden
  • Demunicipalization and regionalization in Sweden
  • Bridge ; Regional economy ; Sweden
  • Sustainability and local dynamics in a global context : rural development in Sweden
  • Agricultural policy ; Agriculture ; Countryside ; Sustainable development ; Sweden
  • Drumlin formation time : evidence from northern and central Sweden
  • Deglaciation ; Drumlin ; Erosion ; Geomorphometry ; Ice sheet ; Isotope dating ; Numerical model ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeogeomorphology ; Sweden
  • The AA. mapped and measured more than 3000 drumlins distributed over 9 areas in northern and central Sweden. They compare the morphometric analysis with numerically modelled Fennoscandian ice sheet dynamics for the last glacial cycle. They also
  • present cosmogenic nuclide data from one of the larger drumlins in the relict landscape of northeastern Sweden, and conclude that the large-scale drumlins of central and northern Sweden did not form during the last deglaciation. Instead, they suggest
  • Ground frost restriction of subarctic Picea abies forest in Northern Sweden. A dendroecological analysis
  • Biogeography ; Climatic variation ; Dendrochronology ; Dendrology ; Forest ; Ground frost;Ground freezing ; Permafrost ; Sweden ; Tree line
  • The ancient shorelines of the Jarlasa esker, province of Uppland, Southern Sweden
  • Esker ; Glacial features ; Paleogeography ; Sea level ; Shorelines ; Stratigraphy ; Sweden