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  • A numerical index of podzol and podzolic soil development
  • A numerical index of soil development, the POD Index, was developed and applied to 723 pedons of United States soils that either exhibit or are developing, podzol (spodosol) morphology. The index is determined solely from morphologic (field
  • ) criteria, and provides the first soil development index for podzol and podzol-like soils that does not use chemical data. A comparison of POD Indices for spodosols of differing drainage revealed that maximum development occurred in wet soils. Additionally
  • , the index has usefulness in chronosequences of podzol soil development.
  • Global tectonics and landform development
  • Outline of some of the more important recent developments in the modelling of large-scale tectonic processes and their implications for landform development.
  • Modes of synoptic development within the Polar Basin
  • The patterns of advective development are classified for twelve synoptic sequences in the Polar Basin during the June through October interval of 1979. The intent is to develop models of the advective contribution to synoptic evolution.
  • Zur Bodenentwicklung in Niedermooren. (Soil development in low bogs)
  • Soil development as induced by drainage and agricultural land use implies changes of the properties of low-bog sites. Crude ashes bulk density, dry matter volume increase| hydraulic conductivity decreases. These characteristics served
  • for calculating a soil development index by converting the data recorded for site mapping into a scale which shows the degree of development reached by the respective site property. (HL).
  • A comparison between the Davisian scheme and landform development by concurrent tectonics and denudation
  • The Davisian scheme elucidates the sequential changes of topographic features. The positions of the stages imaged by Davis, however, are not adquate to explain the topographic characteristics of stages developed in the theory of landform development
  • by concurrent tectonics and denudation (H. Ohmori, 1978| T. Yoshikawa, 1985). A quantitative evaluation is made of the characteristics of topographic features described by Davis from the viewpoint of landform development by concurrent tectonics and denudation.
  • Agriculture ; Chronique bibliographique ; Dissolution ; Eau du sol ; Ecoulement préférentiel ; Géographie physique ; Lessivage des nitrates ; Monde ; Pays développés ; Potentiel agricole ; Sol ; Sous-développement ; Stratégie de développement
  • Eau du sol: écoulement préférentiel, dissolution, lessivage des nitrates. Potentiel agricole des sols dans les pays en voie de développement et dans les pays développés. Chronique bibliographique.
  • Advantages of neotropical fish species for aquaculture development in Amazonia
  • Development of an operational cloud classification model in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Buttressed expansion of granite and development of grus in Central Texas: discussion
  • International cooperation in hydrology and water resources development
  • Development of BASIC program for radiocarbon dating
  • Bank accretion and the development of vegetated depositional surfaces along modified alluvial channels
  • The purposes of this paper are to describe and interpret the initiation and development of bank-depositional surfaces and associated revegetation in relation to fluvial recovery from channelization. Special emphasis is given to variation in bank
  • form and process relative to inside and outside bends that develop during recovery.
  • New Global Environment Programmes and sustainable development. A geographical perspective 1) in Global Change.
  • After an outline of some developments leading to the present wave of globality , the two new programmes : IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere-Programme) and HDGC (Human Dimension of Global Change-Programme) are briefly introduced
  • . The significance of both approaches to geographical science is commented upon. Special reference is made to the important concept of sustainable development.
  • Geomorphic inheritance and the development of tower karst
  • Reconnaissance de quatre types de karst à tourelles. Deux évolutions possibles : un développement indépendant de la morphologie antérieure et un développement séquentiel qui dépend des caractéristiques d'un karst à tourelles antérieur. Ce dernier
  • Simulation of slope development and the magnitude and frequency of overland flow erosion in an abandoned hydraulic gold mine in Models in geomorphology.
  • Construction and use of a numerical simulation model of hillslope development to assess the contribution of various runoff magnitudes to soil erosion and the long-term development of hillslopes in northern California.
  • La cartographie de la végétation et des bioclimats dans les pays en voie de développement
  • Bioclimatologie ; Cartographie thématique ; Géographie physique ; Monde ; Pays en développement ; Tiers-Monde ; Végétation
  • Cet exposé souligne quelques aspects particuliers de la cartographie dans les pays en voie de développement et les tendances des recherches actuelles dans ce domaine. (MI).
  • A rational explanation of cross-profile morphology for glacial valleys and of glacial valley development
  • The purpose of this paper is, first to present an explanation of the cross-profile morphology based on the physical process of glacier flow and second to interpret development of the glacial valley cross-profile.
  • Sediment transport in relation to a developing river delta in Models in geomorphology.
  • Implications of some near-bottom current measurements made on the continental shelf offshore of the developing Atchafalaya delta.
  • Aménagement du territoire ; Développement régional ; Ecologie ; Evaluation du paysage ; Géographie physique ; Inventaire écologique ; Paysage naturel
  • Pour établir une correspondance entre l'étude des sols et le plan d'aménagement et de développement du territoire, l'A. présente une évaluation écologique, assortie d'un projet, correspondant au développement écologique du paysage. - (WY)
  • Doline morphology and development in Barbados
  • Etude morphométrique de dolines établies sur des terrasses coralliennes étagées. L'analyse statistique de la répartition des dolines fait ressortir les contraintes spatiales mais suggère également un développement séquentiel. (CM).