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  • Diffusion in landscape development models: on the nature of basic transport relations
  • In constructing large-scale landscape development models, processes must be appropriately represented over extended scales of space and time. Suitable methods must be found for the generalization of processes that capture the essential character
  • of landscapes as they evolve. The diffusion equation was introduced into geomorphological reasoning for this purpose. Diffusivities estimated in this study are compared with values derived in scarp studies and values adopted in landscape development models
  • 1997
  • in dominant process regime, from fluvial to glacial erosion, is described. Then, the time-scale of change is evaluated. Finally, observations are related to the hypothesized relief development implicit in existing tectonic-isostatic models of alpine uplift.
  • 1997
  • Advances in the understanding of physical principles underlying geophysical processes have enabled to develop complex numerical models of landscape evolution. This paper uses examples from glaciology that highlight the need for a balanced approach
  • 1997