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  • Channel geometry ; Fluvial dynamics ; Grain size distribution ; Gravel ; Longitudinal section ; Sediment load ; Stream ; United States of America
  • in disregarding exchanges of sediment between a channel and its floodplain, 2 factors influence wave behaviour : interactions between flow, wave topography and bed load transport; and relative particle sizes of input sediment and pre-existing bed material
  • Carrying capacity ; Comparative study ; Discharge ; Europe ; Geographical information system ; Gravel ; Methodology ; Meuse ; Sediment load ; Sediment transport ; Stream
  • -discharge (Qb/Q) relationships are determined by local bed-load transport in the Common Meuse. The survey data in the Common Meuse were analysed with a geographical information system (GIS) (ARC-INFO) to produce maps of the river-bed level. The subtraction
  • analysis, a total-load transport equation is developed for open-channel flows, and this equation is shown to apply to interrill flows both with and without rainfall. Discussion of the results.