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  • Sediment yield and spurious correlation. Toward a better portrayal of the annual suspended-sediment load of rivers
  • Two alternative methods for portraying the annual suspended-sediment load of a river are suggested. One method consists of plotting supended-sediment load (tons per year) against distance downstream. Such plots indicate that annual suspended
  • -sediment load does not necessarily have a linear relationship with distance. The second method consists of plotting annual suspended-sediment load against drainage-basin area. Both methods more accurately portray fundamental relations between annual
  • sediment load and drainage-basin characteristics than does the yield-area relation because spurious correlation is avoided.
  • Suspended sediment and bed load problems of the Upper Rhine
  • in the petrographic composition of the bed load material as well as in its particle size distribution.
  • The suspended sediment discharge of the River Euphrates at Haditha, Iraq : an assessment of the potential for establishing sediment rating curves
  • The results presented indicate that in this case, suspended sediment rating curves established using infrequent samples (2 - 4 samples per month) can be employed to provide estimates of annual loads and of mean annual loads which are within 20
  • % and 5 % of the actual loads respectively. This level of accuracy is likely to be acceptable for most applications.
  • Estimated transport of the suspended load of the River Malewa, Kenya, between 1931-1959
  • The aim of this study is to evaluate the usefulness of a data set of the suspended sediment concentration in the River Malewa, Kenya. One important benefit of such an evaluation is to acquire fundamental knowledge about the transport characteristics
  • It is demonstrated that suspended and bed loads differently influence upon the kinematics of the transporting medium. This may be explained by the different mechanism of vertical motion of particles| the motion of suspended load is governed
  • by turbulence of the transporting flow, while for the bed load turbulence is not a determining factor. A scheme is suggested for the energy transformation in the near-bed area of the turbulence flow which is transporting saltation load. In conformity
  • with the above scheme, a part of energy of the averaged fluid stream may be transformed into energy of turbulent pulsations of its velocity by the mechanism of saltation motion of load. Results from experiments which support this consideration are given. (Ed.).
  • in solute load transport has been underestimated. However, the low discharge period is important in the transport of dissolved material and this is in marked contrast to its very minor role in the transport of suspended sediment and bed load.
  • recession in summer, due to peat wastage. Summer desiccation prepared sediment for transport, and organic suspended sediment loads were highest in the autumn. Sediment loads were limited by vegetation colonization and some reduction in sediment loss was due
  • The suspended sediment yields of two adjacent, paired, catchments on blanket peat in mid-Wales were compared before and after preafforestation drainage works. Organic sediment was lost mainly from furrow sides, and erosion pins showed maximum ground
  • Suspended-load discharge in the semi-arid region of northern Peru in Erosion et transports solides dans les eaux continentales.
  • This paper presents the analyses of volumetric sediment yield based on comparative bathymetry of Squamish Delta and of suspended-sediment-load measurements made in Squamish Estuary.
  • with the inclusion of suspended load transport, first order shoaling transformations, second order wave induced flows, and a measure of the sediment grain size. The results are compared with some of the general features of prototype geomorphologies.
  • The combined use of wash load and bed material load rating curves for the calculation of total load: an example from the Burdekin river, Australia
  • Only in recent years have bed load data for rivers existed in sufficient quantity and reliability to facilitate a better understanding of the bedload transport process. Data for the East Fork River, Wyoming indicate that when sand-size particles
  • are dominant as bedload the bed load accounts for about half the total load. The examples of the Tanana, Snake and Clearwater Rivers indicate that for gravel bed rivers the bed load probably accounts for less than 10 % of the total load.
  • Discharge and sediment-load characteristics of the Hilda rock-glacier stream, Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta
  • Water discharge and sediment load characteristics of the Hilda rock-glacier stream are described for portions of the 1985 and 1986 ablation seasons. The hydrological behavior of the Hilda rock-glacier stream suggests that the rock glacier acts
  • as a buffering factor in basin runoff as compared with a similar glacierized basin. In addition, the rock glacier acts conservatively in sediment release from the basin and promotes denudation by dissolution and material transport as dissolved load.
  • Channel morphology and bed load pulses in braided, gravel-bed streams
  • variability of braided stream morphology at constant gradient and discharge| c) the relationship between this temporal variability in morphology, the occurrence of bed-load pulses and the nature of bed-load transfer processes in gravel-bed braided streams.
  • Nutrient loading models for coastal waters
  • The main objective in this work has been to develop load models/load diagrams for coastal areas where the environmental effect of nutrient discharges in general, and from fish farms in particular, can be related to the dose of nutrients (nitrogen
  • Bed load transport in braided gravel-bed stream models
  • This paper presents the results of bed load transport measurements from several small-scale gravel braided streams formed at various combinations of slope and constant discharge. These data present an opportunity to investigate the form of sediment
  • Untersuchungen zur Struktur und Funktion von naturnahen und immissionsbelasteten Grasland-Okosystemen. (Investigations into structure and function of almost natural and immission-loaded grassland-ecosystems)
  • Since 1970 the Department of Ecology of Jena University has been investigating the structure, function and succession of almost natural and immission loaded grassland ecosystems. The synecological investigations have been focussed
  • Dissolved loads and their measurement in Erosion and sediment yield : some methods of measurement and modelling.
  • Precipitation chemistry and nutrient loading by precipitation in a tropical watershed
  • Following to a consideration on general problems of acoustic emission it is discussed, if it is possible to predict the failure moment of salt rocks under uniaxial loading. For this reason amplitudes and impulse rates of acoustic emission from
  • loaded halit, sylvinit and carnallit samples are analysed.