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  • Agricultural practice ; Cultivated land ; Galicia ; Gully erosion ; Precipitation ; Sediment budget ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Suspended load ; Temperate zone ; Water erosion ; Watershed
  • variations in sediment load were detected at event scale. To study the variables controlling suspended sediment yield during the events in the catchment, several event and pre-event variables were calculated for all events. The sediment load is strongly
  • The AA. examine the sediment yield from a rural catchment, located in Galicia, by measuring suspended sediments during rainfall events. Within the catchment regular surveys were conducted to obtain data on the suspended sediment sources. Important
  • influenced by discharge variables. During the events discharge–suspended sediments were also analysed. When the soil surface was unprotected, the formation of rills and ephemeral gullies on agricultural land at the catchment head was an important source
  • of suspended sediments in the catchment.