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  • Changes in suspended sediment to solute yield ratios from an alpine basin during the transition to winter, Southern Alps, New Zealand
  • Mountain ; New Zealand ; Seasonal variation ; Sediment transport ; Solution load ; South Island ; Suspended load ; Watershed
  • The AA. monitored suspended sediments and solute flux during the transition from late summer to winter in an catchment in the Southern Alps that contained a high elevation upper catchment and a smaller, low elevation subcatchment. Three phases
  • of sediment transport were identified. Overall, the results from this study suggest that suspended sediment to solute yield ratios are : 1) sensitive to seasonal changes in meteorological conditions, and 2) more significant during the transition to winter than
  • Assessment of a time-integrated fluvial suspended sediment sampler in a High Arctic setting
  • Arctic Region ; Canada ; Carrying capacity ; Cold area ; Grain size distribution ; Nunavut ; Polar region ; Research technique ; Sampling ; Sediment transport ; Stream ; Suspended load
  • The aim of this study is to examine the effectiveness of a simple, time-integrated suspended sediment sampler based on the design of Phillips et al.(2000) for the collection of representative samples of the daily suspended sediment yield and median
  • Cold area ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; Glacial features ; Mass movement ; Periglacial features ; Sediment budget ; Sediment transport ; Solution load ; Suspended load ; Watershed
  • Glacier ; Meltwater ; Mountain ; Norway ; Precipitation ; Rill wash ; Seasonal variation ; Sediment budget ; Sediment transport ; Suspended load ; Watershed