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  • Modelling soil water supply to crops
  • The supply of water by the soil to meet the transpirational demand of crops, has been modelled on the assumption that water supply is directly related to soil water potential. Results of field testing and discussion.
  • The supply of land
  • The supply of land to a use may result from individual suppliers maximizing utility. As a consequence: the slope of the supply curve cannot be determined a priori| supply will be influenced by the distribution of non-land income| different tenure
  • the rate of tax, the tax base, and the supplier's compensating variation.
  • Business networks and suppliers' locational choice
  • The A. examines the circumstances under which proximity is important to assemblers and suppliers in the South Korean auto industry. He analyzes the power relations between the national state, assemblers as the chaebol, and suppliers and offers
  • a multifaceted causal analysis of suppliers's spatial patterns. Suppliers who transact with several assemblers are more powerful in their markets and freer in their location decisions than are dedicated suppliers and prefer remaining in the Seoul metropolitan
  • The significance and structure of hotel food supply in Jamaica
  • In Jamaica, hotel food demand does not provide overall a major stimulus for food production. Hotel food supply is dominated by a few large and modern wholesale firms that supply mainly imported food and by individual suppliers who provide locally
  • The role of flood plains in the sustainable water supply of Pécs
  • Danube ; Floodplain ; Hungary ; Lower valley ; Town ; Water ; Water management ; Water supply
  • The main aim of the paper is to present the unsustainable conditions of water supply of Pécs and to detect the main reasons behind it. First the special role of the flood plain along the Lower Danube Valley in the water supply of the town
  • Postponed manufacturing in European supply chains. A triangular approach
  • Competitiveness ; Economic geography ; Europe ; Firm strategy ; Industrial organization ; Industry ; Internationalization ; Marketing ; Supply
  • This study refers to the contribution of postponed manufacturing to the way industrial companies organize international supply chains in Europe. It concludes that postponed manufacturing can contribute to the competitiveness of industrial companies
  • based on the formation of multiple strategic capabilities. This is however, under the influence of the organizational heritage of the company, the operating context of the supply chain and requires a geographical reconfiguration of the supply chain
  • Accessibility and supply constraints in the urban housing market
  • An assessment of China's foodgrain supplies in 1980
  • A neo-classical supply-based approach to land prices
  • Probleme der Wasserversorgung in Saudi-Arabien Problems of water-supply in Saudi-Arabia
  • A location-allocation model for maximizing supply dispersion of central facilities
  • Soviet timber: regional supply and demand, 1970-1990
  • Rotterdam water supply
  • Stability of supply coefficients and consistency of supply-driven and demand-driven input-output models : a reply
  • The effects of rapid increases in labor supply on service employment in developing countries
  • Effects of a Colombian civil war (1948-1958) on the structure of employment and earnings in Bogota. The resulting increase on labor supply has little effect on the share of services in the labor force. It suggests that the service employment may
  • be a poor indicator of demand and supply conditions for labor in developing countries. (MG).
  • Increasing contraceptive use in Bangladesh : the role of demand and supply factors
  • This article analyzes the determinants of contraceptive use in Bangladesh, focusing on the roles of demand for additional children and of family planning service supply.
  • On the plausibility of the supply-driven input-output model : empirical evidence on joint stability
  • Simulations with the supply-driven version of an input-output table for a representative region are shown to result in changes in the corresponding production coefficients well within conventional tolerance levels.
  • Land-use planning, land supply, and house prices
  • An investigation is conducted of the extent to which land supply, the operation of the planning system, affects house prices in Britain during the 1980s, and how far planning places a constraint on land supply or simply reorganises that supply
  • . A planning area is then looked to examine the extent to which increased land allocations in one area can compensate for constraints on land supply in another. The planning system imposes significant costs and it restricts the choice available for consumers.
  • The reconstruction of bed material yield and supply histories in gravel-bed streams
  • This paper details a basic method for estimation of both bed material yield and supply rates for a glaciated catchment. A simple regression relationship between discharge and erosion volume was used to predict the work done by the channel
  • in the absence of bed material supply from upstream. The bed material that must have been supplied from upstream between any 2 monitoring periods could then be determined by calculating the amont of sediment that had to be supplied to the reach between DTM
  • Water Supply and Health in India
  • In many parts of India, neither the quantity nor the quality of drinking water supplied to the public comply with required standards. In addition there are vast disparities between different regions and communities. The article deals with a chronic