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  • Pastoral nomadism in the Sudan
  • Irrigation practices and development in the Sudan
  • Die Demokratische Republik Sudan im Uberblick. (A general outline of the Democratic Republic Sudan)
  • Secession and South Sudan : an African precedent for the future ?
  • Conflict ; Independence ; International law ; Policy ; South Sudan ; Sudan
  • Conflicto ; Derecho internacional ; Independencia ; Política ; Sudán
  • The secession of South Sudan marks a significant milestone in the political evolution of the African continent. The new state has no separate colonial heritage, and hence no recognise boundary, and has been formed as a result of a struggle
  • for independence waged against the government of an independent state. The implications for the debate over secessionism and the means for the achievement of internationally recognised independence are examined in the light of the South Sudanese experience. - (AJC)
  • The migration of the Danagla to Port Sudan : a case study on the impact of migration on the change of identity in Migration and identity change in the Sudan.
  • Association ; Attraction urbaine ; Danagla ; Exode rural ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Identité culturelle ; Immigrant ; Migration intérieure ; Population urbaine ; Port Sudan ; Soudan ; Vie urbaine
  • The Danagla belong to the most active ethnic groups in the Sudan. Though they have completely dropped their agricultural background and adopted an entirely urban character, they still have close contacts both to each other in town and to their home
  • Analysis of rainfall causal relationships in the Sudan
  • A note on transport problems and economic development in the Republic of Sudan
  • Building the Sudan
  • The economic and political development of the Sudan
  • Some demographic indicators for Khartoum conurbation, Sudan
  • Aid to refugees - Shortcomings with special reference to eastern Sudan
  • Environment ; Environmental conservation ; Humanitarian aid ; Organization ; Refugees ; Sudan
  • An attempt is made to review shortcomings in refugee and displaced people aid and rehabilitiation in eastern Sudan. Shortcomings are discussed as related to the recipients, the local inhabitants and the environment. Contreibuting factors
  • The changing rainfall resources of Sudan
  • Applied climatology ; Climatic variation ; Forecast;Prediction ; Human impact ; Precipitation ; Sudan
  • Three aspects of Sudan rainfall information availability are discussed in the light of recent developments : historical archived data, automatic, near real-time rainfall monitoring, and both seasonal and decadal rainfall forecasting. The measurement
  • Women in an Islamic country - Examples from the Sudan
  • Coping with resource scarcity. Case studies from Tanzania and the Sudan
  • Attitude ; Behaviour ; Clothing ; Enquiry ; Ideology ; Islam ; Social life ; Sudan ; Woman
  • Climatic changes, desertification and the Republic of Sudan
  • Arid area ; Atmospheric moisture ; Climatic variation ; Desertification ; Ecosystem ; Evaporation ; Precipitation ; Radiation ; Sudan ; Temperature ; Vegetation degradation
  • Meteorological data for a period of 30 to 50 years was analysed to ascertain the climatic changes in the Republic of Sudan. The study confirms that the temperatures are rising and rainfall declining. Rigorous analysis of relative humidity, clouds
  • , radiation and evaporation also confirms the changing pattern, a trend which may accelerate environmental degradation and desertification in Sudan.
  • Migration from Eastern Gezira into Greater Khartoum - A case study in rural-urban migration and population integration processes in Sudan in Migration and identity change in the Sudan.
  • The role of migration is limited by the status of the urban and the purely traditional background of migrants. Population integration is a central issue in the Sudan with its high level of pluralism, ethnic and cultural complexity. Migration
  • “I Want my children to know Sudan” : narrating the long-distance intimacies of diasporic politics
  • Citizenship ; Diaspora ; Empowerment ; Political geography ; South Sudan ; United States of America ; Woman
  • Ciudadanía ; Diáspora ; Estados Unidos ; Geografía política ; Mujer ; Sudán del Sur
  • This article focuses on South Sudan and the narrative accounts of U.S.-resettled women collected in the transitional era prior to independence in 2011. It attends to oft-marginalized and gendered subjects and spaces of politics and, second
  • and citizenships emerging through places like the contemporary South Sudan, those with histories of multiple colonialisms, marked by shifting geometries of power, and shaped from afar by the political intimacies of the diaspora.
  • Schiavitu e citta nel Sudan meridionale
  • City;Town ; Slavery ; Sudan ; Urban geography ; Urban history ; Urbanization
  • Das Handwerk in Darfur (Sudan) und Möglichkeiten seiner Entwicklung
  • Economic development ; Handicrafts ; Living standard ; Local economy ; Sudan
  • When north winds blow : a note on small towns and social transformation in the Nilotic Sudan
  • Small town ; Sudan ; Urban history ; Urban society
  • Ferricrete formation and relief inversion: an example from Central Sudan
  • Ferricrust ; Geochemistry ; Inverted relief ; Laterite ; Mineralogy ; Sudan ; Tectonics ; Tropical zone ; Weathering
  • The development of a ferricrete in relationship to the structural and morphological evolution is demonstrated by the example of Jebel Howag (Kordofan, Sudan). Products of deep lateritic weathering have been reworked by mass wasting processes