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  • Suburban commercial development in the shadow of downtown Sacramento
  • Suburbanization of higher income Blacks in major metropolitan statistical areas
  • Suburbanization of center city
  • Settlement in exurban/suburban zones : characteristics of spatial organization
  • Some dynamics of central city-suburban interactions in Pap. Proceed. 92nd Meeting Americ. Econ. Assoc..
  • Suburbanization and the city.
  • The flight to the suburbs: insights gained from an analysis of central city vs suburban housing costs
  • The development and characteristics of suburban dairying within the Tokyo metropolitan area.
  • Suburbanization of ethnic groups
  • Suburban preferences of urban ethnic groups: eight white groups in three Connecticut cities, 1966
  • Zoning policy, income clustering and suburban change in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • Immigration, local policy, and national identity in the suburban United States
  • This article examines four local immigration policies in the Chicago and Washington DC metropolitan areas to explain how suburbs justify their policy positions. It shows that these suburban communities rely on conceptions of American identity
  • and the ‘American Dream’ in support of their policies, but leverage these tropes in vastly different ways depending on the broader strategic purposes of the policies. These divergent suburban immigration policies both challenge traditional notions of suburban
  • Infrastructural determinants of spatial structure in Cracow's suburban zone - a case study of the Michalowice and Zabierzow communities
  • Cracow ; Infrastructure ; Land use ; Municipality ; Poland ; Spatial structure ; Suburbanization
  • Suburbanization processes are modifying the functioning of Cracow's surroundings.Migration flows are changing the demographic and social structure of formerly rural areas, this occurring in relation to infrastructural development and land-use
  • as to whether the outfitting of suburban areas in infrastructure creates a spatial configuration of other land-use types.The selected communes (local authority areas) of Zabierzow and Michalowice represent different types of outfitting in infrastructure, acting
  • Employment ; Rural-urban relations ; Suburbanization ; Traffic ; Transport
  • distancesfrom suburban areas into the central city were replaced by shorter commuting relations within the suburban areas. Taking four German agglomeration areas as a case in point, the author reaches the overall conclusion that the co-location hypothesis cannot
  • be confirmed. In spite of the decentralization of employment a smaller-scale linkage of functions in suburban areas did not take place. The author explans this amongst other things with the evident mono-functionality of suburban growth policies. - (IfL)
  • Density gradients in Canadian metropolitan regions, 1971-96 : differential patterns of central area and suburban growth and change
  • Canada ; Demographic change ; Density gradient ; Distance from city centre ; Suburbanization ; Town ; Urban growth ; Urban population
  • and outer parts of the metropolitan area. The predominant trend has been towards suburban-style, low-density expansion, albeit with considerable intercity variation regarding changes in central area and suburban density.
  • Organized labor and the housing question: public housing, suburbanization, and urban renewal
  • This paper examines those public-housing, suburbanization, and urban renewal policies in the USA that have evolved as a consequence of intraclass struggle. It is argued that the powerful constituency of organized labor was able, in 1950's, to impose
  • suburbanization as a valid answer to the housing question of the unions, while subsuming the housing demands, needs, and wants of less-powerful women and blacks. By the 1960's, the growing movements of women and blacks were able to challenge the dominance
  • of the labor-liberal coalition and to successfully oppose the union-advocated policies of urban renewal and suburbanization.
  • Suburbanisatie en recente woonmilieus. Theorie en onderzoek op het terrein van de residentiële geografie en de suburbanisatie en een residentiëel-geografisch onderzoek in het Middengebied Randstad.. (Suburbanization and recent residential
  • environments. Theory and research in the field of residential geography and suburbanization and a residential geographic research in the Central area of the Randstad)
  • these policies. Rather, by various means it provides insight into the highly differentiated processes which contributed to the dispersed suburbanization in the Randstad Central area. It also illuminates the new residential environments which were developed
  • of suburbanization| C. An account of the findings of the research project concerned with the suburbanization process and the characteristics of the new residential environments in the Randstad Central Area.
  • Why do suburban offices cluster?
  • Accessibility ; Economies of scale ; Location ; Offices ; Spatial concentration ; Suburbanization ; Tertiary sector;Services ; Urban area
  • Los Angeles and the anti-tradition of the suburban city
  • California ; City perception ; Historical geography ; Los Angeles ; Suburbanization ; United States ; Urban development ; Urban landscape ; Urban morphology ; Urban structure
  • Second homes and functional changes in the suburban zone of Warsaw
  • Leisure ; Outer conurbation area ; Poland ; Second home ; Spatial distribution ; Spatial organization ; Suburbanization ; Suburbs ; Urban area ; Urban function ; Warsaw