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  • Industrialization and the stratification of cities in suburban regions
  • Suburban expansion and its Spatial simulation
  • This paper aims to evaluate suburban land-use mixture and to simulate the expansion using stochastic processes. Western Nerima area, locating in the west suburbs of Tokyo, was chosen as a study area. In evaluating the land-use mixture, the concept
  • Zoning policy, income clustering and suburban change in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • Organized labor and the housing question: public housing, suburbanization, and urban renewal
  • This paper examines those public-housing, suburbanization, and urban renewal policies in the USA that have evolved as a consequence of intraclass struggle. It is argued that the powerful constituency of organized labor was able, in 1950's, to impose
  • suburbanization as a valid answer to the housing question of the unions, while subsuming the housing demands, needs, and wants of less-powerful women and blacks. By the 1960's, the growing movements of women and blacks were able to challenge the dominance
  • of the labor-liberal coalition and to successfully oppose the union-advocated policies of urban renewal and suburbanization.
  • Unlocking suburban gridlock
  • The limits of suburban growth. The Washington D.C. S.M.S.A.
  • The impact of suburban expansion on landscape quality
  • Suburbanisatie en sociale contacten. (Suburbanization and social contacts)
  • The changing morphology of suburban crime
  • environments typical for various recreational destinations : maritime, mountain, spa and suburban (on the basis of the suburban regions of Moscow and Sofia). - (MB)
  • The effect of business cycles on metropolitan suburbanization
  • Local tax burdens and the supply of business sites in suburban municipalities
  • Residential satisfaction and the suburban home-owner
  • Modelling the spatial distribution of suburban crime
  • The location decision and employment suburbanization
  • Modeling suburbanization as an evolutionary system dynamic
  • Comparisons of the effect of the higher energy costs of the 1970's on trends in urbanization and suburbanization are made between Nagoya and Chicago. The main factors that appear to be responsible for continuing suburbanization in the Nagoya region
  • Neighborhood perception and housing maintenance in older suburban communities
  • The impact of suburban growth restrictions on U.S. housing price inflation, 1975-1978
  • Supply-side considerations in the location of industry in suburban communities