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  • Organized labor and the housing question: public housing, suburbanization, and urban renewal
  • This paper examines those public-housing, suburbanization, and urban renewal policies in the USA that have evolved as a consequence of intraclass struggle. It is argued that the powerful constituency of organized labor was able, in 1950's, to impose
  • suburbanization as a valid answer to the housing question of the unions, while subsuming the housing demands, needs, and wants of less-powerful women and blacks. By the 1960's, the growing movements of women and blacks were able to challenge the dominance
  • of the labor-liberal coalition and to successfully oppose the union-advocated policies of urban renewal and suburbanization.
  • 1984
  • The effect of business cycles on metropolitan suburbanization
  • 1984
  • Does it pay to plan suburban growth? in Symposium on Dilemmas in growth management.
  • 1984
  • The hinterland of large towns is utilised with an extraordinary intensity for the short-term recreation. Four special bands can be differentiated: downtown band, suburban band, narrower rural recreational band, wider rural recreation band. (MS).
  • 1984
  • The rapid growth in the number of retail warehouses has become an important element in the process of retail suburbanization taking place in Britain. This paper provides a brief outline of the development and locational pattern of retail warehouse
  • 1984