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  • Natural landscape amenities and suburban growth. Metropolitan Chicago, 1970-1980.
  • Transit strategies for suburban communities
  • Suburban multifamily vacancy rates and federal income tax policies
  • Perception of neighborhoods by city and suburban residents
  • The transformation of urban structure in the nineteenth century and the beginnings of suburbanization in Urbanization and conflict in market societies.
  • Municipal decline and inequality in American suburban rings, 1960-1980
  • Suburbanization in Greater Philadelphia 1880-1941
  • Does it pay to plan suburban growth? in Symposium on Dilemmas in growth management.
  • The structure of a large-scale small-area multiregional model of California: modelling on integrated system of urban, suburban and rural growth
  • Evaluating the business and planning impacts of suburban shopping developments: a proposed framework of analysis
  • The attraction of property crimes to suburban localities: a revised economic model
  • The hinterland of large towns is utilised with an extraordinary intensity for the short-term recreation. Four special bands can be differentiated: downtown band, suburban band, narrower rural recreational band, wider rural recreation band. (MS).
  • technology. In contrast, many West European countries still remain in the phase of decentralization and the main stream of migration continues to occur from central cities to their suburban areas. The tendency is occurring in Japan as well. Various factors fo
  • The rapid growth in the number of retail warehouses has become an important element in the process of retail suburbanization taking place in Britain. This paper provides a brief outline of the development and locational pattern of retail warehouse
  • in nine cities during the mid-and late 1970s shows a pattern of cautious gentrification that coexists whith neighborhood deterioration and that is not dependent upon net inmovement of professionals from the suburban ring.
  • Suburbane Aktionsräume als Determinanten der Einzugsbereiche zentraler Einrichtungen in Verdichtungsräumen. (Espaces d'action suburbains en tant que déterminants des aires d'attraction des lieux centraux dans des agglomérations)