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  • The development and characteristics of suburban dairying within the Tokyo metropolitan area.
  • The bases of development of viable dairy farming in outer suburban areas of Tokyo metropolis : a case of diluvial uplands
  • Change without change : The suburbanization of Hong Kong's rural villages
  • The changes and characteristics of the rice-producing cooperatives in the suburban areas a case study in Fujiidera and Izumiotsu.
  • Changing process of land use and evaluating its mixture. A case study in Tokyo suburban fringe
  • A suburban village in the Oasis of Damascus : Kufrayn. The deterioration in agriculture was caused by the process of the land reform and the process of national integration with the centralization of power to Damascus. - (SGA)
  • The A. tried to elucidate the regionality of outer suburban area through the analysis of viable farm in a small area. Three agricultural communities in Dejima village, Ibaraki Prefecture (Kanto) characterized by a balanced composition between paddy
  • decline in the Central Area and promoted the growth of suburban retail centres.
  • A study was made to determine the impact of a plantation of rubber trees Hevea brasiliensis and an adjacent suburban environment on birds inhabiting the western lowlands of peninsular Malaysia. Distribution of several bird species appeared
  • The settlement development can be viewed as suburbanization outwards from Israeli metropolitan space and penetration into the essentially peripheral domain of the West Bank. The dramatic increase in the number of Soviet Jews will herald increasing
  • Yasato-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, located in the outer suburban zone of the Tokyo metropolitan region was characterized until recently by a traditional farming. In the past decades, the area has greatly changed its character through the development
  • . It also experiences difficulties of land and water shortage, environmental deterioration and congestion. Remedies suggested are: restructuring of the urban hierarchy, redistribution of industrial establishments, improvement of techniques, suburbanization
  • . Irrationality in the relative locations of steel producers and their immediate consumers is pinpointed. The development of special quality steel and steel products, a halt to further expansion of steel capacity, and relocation of some small plants to suburban
  • . Retail and service facilities are classified into 4 types while the analysis groups the centres into 5 orders. Over concentration is pointed out and establishment of intermediate centres recommended for new suburban areas. (TNC).
  • in the city suburb has fluctuated in the past and the cost of production has risen. Increase in population in the three western suburban counties and in yield is estimated and a fall in the availability of surplus is expected unless the suggested remedial
  • Among the most typical functions which are suburbanizing these days are the retail functions. This phenomenon is analysed from two sides. The index of population specialization in the retail function of each administrative unit (cities, wards, town