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  • Local development ; Local population ; Lodz ; Perception ; Poland ; Social geography ; Suburbanization ; Territorial identity ; Urbanization ; Village
  • The studies leading in the suburban villages in the socio-spatial dimension are essential for contemporary geographical researches and related sciences. Large extent, which relates to the broader problem of changing system of values and needs
  • of the Polish society, and the changing perception of the village and its resources. It is worth considering how the population with specific needs and value system creates the suburban village. Knowledge of these processes is necessary to develop further
  • the spatial policies and local development areas in Poland, especially in the rapidly transforming villages in the suburban zones. Primary objective of this paper is to identify differences in the territorial identification and social perception of space
  • District ; Household ; Local market ; Olsztyn ; Poland ; Real estate market ; Social change ; Social geography ; Suburbanization ; Urbanization
  • The concept of social change refers to any alteration in the social order. Social transformations observed in the suburbs result from the suburbanization process, i.e. the migration of city dwellers to areas on the fringes of metropolitan regions
  • . Suburbanization leads to changes in the structure of land use in the suburbia, an increase in housing and population densities. The expansion of cities is usually followed by social change, as the relationships between the newcomers and long-time local residents
  • Development ; Economic development ; Identity ; Land use ; Lublin ; Poland ; Population growth ; Settlement ; Social development ; Suburbanization ; Sustainable development ; Urbanization
  • The suburban zone can be regarded as a life form, changed and developed continually. Intensive urban processes which take place in its area result in the transformation of economic and social structures and of natural environment, especially
  • to estimate the development level in the suburban zone of Lublin Urban Complex (LUC), taking into consideration spatial, economical, and demographic-social aspects which refer to the concept of sustainable development. – (BJ)
  • Economic development ; Housing ; Infrastructure ; Lublin ; Municipality ; Poland ; Quality of life ; Rural area ; Suburbanization ; Urban development ; Urban structure ; Urbanization
  • Economic and social transformation that took place after 1989 largely contributed to the changes in suburban landscapes. Suburbanization, which we can observe in the Lublin area, has a huge impact on the quality of life. Housing development over