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  • Nonoptimal levels of suburbanization
  • Optimization ; Public service ; Residential choice ; Suburbanization ; Suburbs ; Urban area ; Urban economy
  • Suburbanization has many causes, among which is the attempt to relocate to acquire a more desirable vector of local public goods. Traditional valuation methods result in underprovision of local public goods at the urban centers. As a consequence
  • , there will be nonoptimally large levels of suburban sprawl with substantial resulting welfare loss.
  • Industrialization and the stratification of cities in suburban regions
  • Social structure and suburban spatio-political conflicts in the United States
  • The growth of the suburban core cities in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • The A. aims to analyze the progress of the suburban area independent on Tokyo in the metropolitan area, the characteristics of the core cities in the suburban area, and relationship between the development of the metropolitan area and these cities
  • Slovenia ; Suburbanization ; Town ; Urban geography
  • The article shows the intensity of the process of suburbanisation in the hinterland of the town Celje. Suburban region is spreading continually from the suburbs to the agrarian landscape and the effects of suburbanization are seen in the changed
  • Choice of restaurants by the suburban inhabitants of Osaka City: the case of Fujiidera City
  • This article is a case study to examine how suburban inhabitants choose restaurants in the CBD and the suburbs. The A. selects Fujiidera City in Osaka metropolitan area.
  • Suburbanization in countries in transition : destinations of suburbanizers in the Tallinn metropolitan area
  • Estonia ; Metropolitan area ; Post-communism ; Suburbanization ; Tallinn ; Town ; Urban migration ; Years 1990-99
  • Do the suburbs exist ? Discovering complexity and specificity in suburban built form
  • Residential environment ; Social organization ; Suburbanization ; Suburbs ; Theory ; Urban area ; Urban society
  • The AA. show how the idea of the suburban as a non-problematic domain has been perpetuated from a range of contrasting disciplinary perspectives. Attempts to articulate the social possibilities of suburban space are caught between theories
  • of urbanisation that are insensitive to suburban specificity. The AA. propose that the development of a distinctively suburban theory would help to undermine one-dimensional approaches to the built environment by focusing on the relationship between social
  • Der suburbane Raum : zwischen Appendix und Abkoppelung ? Ein Beitrag zur aktuellen Standortbestimmung
  • Germany ; Inner city ; Place ; Planning ; Suburbanization ; Urban area
  • New trends of suburbanization in Beijing since 1990 : from government-led to market-oriented
  • Beijing ; China ; Industrial decentralization ; Population census ; Residential area ; Shopping centre ; Suburbanization ; Urbanization
  • Changing suburban landscapes at the microscale
  • The paper explores the external physical changes to owner-occupied houses that have occurred in the second half of the 20th century. It focuses on suburban roads developed in the inter-war period in England. The changes examined include the building
  • Suburban expansion and its Spatial simulation
  • This paper aims to evaluate suburban land-use mixture and to simulate the expansion using stochastic processes. Western Nerima area, locating in the west suburbs of Tokyo, was chosen as a study area. In evaluating the land-use mixture, the concept
  • Differential suburban development in the Prague urban region
  • Czech Republic ; Migration ; Post-communism ; Prague ; Spatial analysis ; Suburbanization ; Town ; Urban development ; Urban region
  • Siedlungsstruktur - und Mobilitätsprofile suburbaner Gemeindetypen
  • Germany ; Mobility ; Settlement ; Suburbanization ; Urban area ; suburban district
  • The car indispensable : the hidden influence of the car in inter-war suburban London
  • The paper uses information from dealer's sales records, motoring magazines and commentary on suburbia to examine the extent to which motoring was adopted by London's wider suburban middle classes in the inter-war years. By the end of the 1930s
  • , suburban motoring had highly heterogeneous levels of adoption, but, where it was popular, it changed mobility in a dramatic manner that prefigured wider developments of the late 1950s.
  • Towards a general theory of suburban office morphology in North America
  • Canada ; Centrality ; Location ; North America ; Offices ; Spatial concentration ; Suburbanization ; Suburbs ; United States ; Urban area
  • The A. attempts to trace the evolving pattern of office activities in large metropolitan areas. He assesses both the processes and the theoretical frameworks. In the USA, suburban nuclei attracted first routine office operations, then small business
  • A taxonomy of suburban office clusters : the case of Toronto
  • Accessibility ; Canada ; Location ; Offices ; Ontario ; Spatial concentration ; Suburbanization ; Suburbs ; Taxonomy ; Tertiary sector;Services ; Toronto ; Urban planning
  • Six hypotheses on the type, frequency, location, employment base and travel characteristics of suburban clusters are tested in a case-study of the Toronto region. Six physical types are identified and they are found to be associated with certain
  • De regionale samenhang tussen industriële struktuur en produktienmilieu in suburbane en landelijke gebieden binnen West-Nederland. (The regional coherence between industrial structure and production milieu in suburban and rural areas within
  • Mexico ; Suburbanization ; Urban geography ; Urban growth ; Urban morphology
  • Growth and internal spatial dynamics of this state capital and manufacturing center. Suburban expansion and ribbon development since World War II have morphologically transformed Chihuahua. - (DWG)
  • Suburban commercial development in the shadow of downtown Sacramento