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  • Spatial perception and subjectivity: the example of South Georgia regional centers
  • Subjective correlates of small-town population change
  • Effects of distance internal to the farm: a challenging subject for North American geographers
  • Structures of Jamaican television are described in terms of Q-analysis, and algebraic language of structure, and compared for two identical three week periods in 1980 and 1981. Marked structural changes are noted in the subject matter of programmes
  • . It is shown that the colonists become subjected to the national and international capitalist system by way of unequal exchange relations. In addition, natural resources (oil, gas and timber) are freely exploited by the capitalist centres. The Amazon-basin has
  • and semantic points of view. One can see that an opposition exists between the objective notion of space and the subjective notion of denominative action. (Ed.).
  • True marine cliffs are extremely rare or almost absent in the humid tropics, where they have been said to be replaced by coastal slopes covered by vegetation, subject to occasional landslides by essentially similar to inland slopes. On the Paraiba
  • The city in the third world is the subject of much current research. However, Little has been written about the middle order third world city, the pressures they have experienced and how they have coped with these pressures. This study attempts