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  • Subject of study in complex physical geography (landscape geography) in Landscape synthesis.
  • Geography as a school subject in South Africa 1939-1989
  • The origins and development of geography as a school subject in South Africa are traced. - (AJC)
  • On the subjective partitioning of space
  • Les postulats implicites et les conceptions de morale derrière la décision subjective de l'espace| importance de l'échelle| état de la question et recherches en cours aux Etats-Unis.
  • Paysages d'enfance. Annotations subjectives
  • School curriculum development as related to Geography is outlined. Reference is made to differing concepts of knowledge and to learning theories. Attention is then directed towards the more specific subject curriculum and towards the changing nature
  • of the subject of geography and methods of study. (AJC).
  • Subjective evaluation of composite econometric policy inputs
  • Much new development is lost to geography as the subject splinters and creates new subdisciplines which become independent subjects. Can human ecology rescue geography ? - (AJC)
  • K otazce predmetu a klasifikace metod anamorfozy mapy. (On the problem of subject and methods of the anamorphosis of maps)
  • Simple aggregation and disaggregation subject to minimal information loss and other criteria
  • be derived, then, using the power function. Three graph theoretic measures are considered as objective measures of choropleth map complexity, with correlations of 0.92 to 0.95 obtained between these measures and subjective complexity of choropleth maps
  • . The graph theoretic measures for choropleth maps are then adjusted according to the power relationship observed between choropleth and isopleth subjective map complexity to yield a complexity measure for the latter map type.
  • Accessibilité ; Concept ; Evaluation de l'isolement ; Evaluation du paysage ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Highland ; Isolement ; Méthodologie ; Royaume-Uni ; Région ; Région isolée ; Scotland ; Variable objective ; Variable subjective ; West
  • Le concept de région isolée. Adaptation de la méthodologie utilisée pour l'évaluation du paysage. Comment remplacer l'isolement par un substitut capable d'agir en variable dépendante. L'utilisation de variables subjectives donne des résultats
  • The opportunities to integrate geography among other subjects, the application of text-books and exercise-books in teaching. - (DLO)
  • The brief description of the method is followed by a possible application (for the establishment of types of settlements in Hungary). The subjectivity of factor-analyses can be reduced by path analysis.
  • Forestry = Forêts = Montes. 1. Annotated bibliography = Bibliographie annotée = Bibliografia anotada. 2. Author and subject index = Index par auteurs et par sujets = Indice por autores y temas.
  • Population and demography = Population et démographie = Poblacion y demografia. Annotated bibliography = Bibliographie annotée = Bibliografia anotada. Author and subject index = Index par auteurs et par sujets = Indice for autores y temas.
  • This book contains a number of articles, written by several authors, on modern mapping methods in physical geography. There are four subjects : comparative studies, studies using geographical information systems, landscape ecological mapping
  • Numerous ideas are adressed, which can supplement the basic approaches to uncertainty associated with objective and subjective probability. They are gleaned from many disciplines, including philosophy, mathematics, and artificial intelligence
  • Description of the geography program in secondary schools in West Berlin FRG where students receive much more exposure to the subject than in the USA. Geography teachers are better trained than their American counterparts, but problems of geography