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  • Exploring the emergence of the subject in power : infant geographies
  • Agency ; Applied geography ; Infant ; Nonrepresentational theory ; Power ; Societal relations ; Subjectivity processes ; Theory
  • This paper explores the emergence of the subject in power through infant geographies. It focuses upon how subjection occurs in specific material spaces, and the role of a host of human and nonhuman others to the process of subjection. It also
  • analyses how diversities of kinship and nonkinship social relations might lead to other constellations of power in the subjection of infants. How the geographies of infants can be operationalised methodologically and epistemologically is also studied.
  • Subject of study in complex physical geography (landscape geography) in Landscape synthesis.
  • On theory's subject and subject's theory: Harvey, capital, and the limits to classical Marxism
  • On the object and subject of geography
  • Basic theoretical problems in geography are discussed. The development of the subject is seen as a result of the division of labour among sciences. The subject's contextual dimension is made up of the different forces that influence the discipline
  • Geography as a school subject in South Africa 1939-1989
  • The origins and development of geography as a school subject in South Africa are traced. - (AJC)
  • Fishing for nature : the politics of subjectivity and emotion in Scottish inshore fisheries management
  • Applied ecology ; Community ; Conflict ; Emotion ; Fishing ; Inshore fishery ; Livelihood ; Political ecology ; Resource management ; Scotland ; Subjectivity ; United Kingdom
  • This paper explores the relational emergence of subjects, emotions, and socionatures and their consequences for Scottish inshore fishery management. It probes the contradictions emerging from different fishing practices by exploring how
  • the boundaries between subjects and environments are formed, and the consequences for Scottish inshore fisheries management of such boundary un/making. Attending to the way in which subjectivities position fishers differently in relation to their resources
  • The geographical understanding of the Western world and the understanding of geography as a subject of the Meiji government expedition in Languages, paradigms and schools in geography.
  • This paper shed light on the reports of the Iwakura mission and clarifies the relationship between its geographical understanding of the Western world and its understanding of a geography as a subject. - (SGA)
  • On the subjective partitioning of space
  • Les postulats implicites et les conceptions de morale derrière la décision subjective de l'espace| importance de l'échelle| état de la question et recherches en cours aux Etats-Unis.
  • The spaces and subjects of a globalising economy : a situated exploration of method
  • The AA. identify a promising intellectual convergence around the theme of imaginaries. They develop an argument that global imaginaries involve both discourses and practices that are constitutives of new spaces and subjects. They demonstrate
  • that the method may inform a case study of the globalising retail-banking sector by revealing multiple spaces and subjects.
  • Quality of life, an objective and subjective variable analysis
  • Canada ; Corrélation ; Géographie humaine ; Indicateurs sociaux ; Manitoba ; Mesure ; Méthodologie ; Perception ; Qualité de la vie ; Société urbaine ; Variable objective ; Variable subjective ; Ville
  • Les études sur la qualité de la vie donnent des résultats différents selon qu'elles se basent sur des variables objectives (indicateurs sociaux) ou subjectives (mesures basées sur la perception). Ceci est illustré par une étude sur les centres
  • Subjective distances and spatial representations
  • Unthinking subjects : Alain Badiou and the event of thought in thinking politics
  • Capitalized property taxes and the viability of rural enterprise subject to urban pressure
  • Subjective correlates of small-town population change
  • Soil geography: a subject transformed
  • Spatial perception and subjectivity: the example of South Georgia regional centers
  • A kisérleti geomorfologia targya és modszerei. (Subject and methods of experimental geomorphology)
  • School curriculum development as related to Geography is outlined. Reference is made to differing concepts of knowledge and to learning theories. Attention is then directed towards the more specific subject curriculum and towards the changing nature
  • of the subject of geography and methods of study. (AJC).
  • Paysages d'enfance. Annotations subjectives
  • Social well-being and North Sea oil: an application of Subjective social indicators