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  • Coefficient of stability of economic movements
  • Assessment of soil structural stability using ultrasonic dispersion
  • Applied geomorphology ; Geophysics ; Microstructure ; Soil ; Soil mechanics ; Soil properties ; Structural stability
  • Structural stabilities of some soils were measured on aggregates sieved 2-1mm diameter. A hybrid index of structural stability is proposed to predict signs of likely structural instabilities of soils when subjected to mechanical and osmotic stresses
  • On the use of resistance envelopes to identify the controls on slope stability in the tropics
  • In tropical and sub-tropical slopes, soil suction may in certain circumstances play a role in maintaining slope stability. Resistance envelope methods are outlined that provide a means of assessing the threshold soil water conditions for stability
  • . Application to slopes in St.-Lucia, show the accordance of resistance envelope predictions with stability analysis results. A methodology for the geomorphological investigation of stability processes in tropical slopes is proposed.
  • Employment structure and the stability of urban growth during the urbanisation process
  • Stability of channel beds by armoring
  • Ivory Coast| political stability and economic growth. Part. 2
  • The magnitude and significance of soil structural stability declines under cereal cropping
  • Slope stability and tephra mantles in the Papua New Guinea highlands
  • Stability of trade patterns in regional input-output tables
  • Length and evolutionary stability of food chains
  • Regional economic stabilization and the acceleration principle
  • Natural family conditions : narratives of stabilization and the South African Coal Mines, 1910-1970
  • The two alternative historical narratives of labour migration and stabilization on the Copperbelt and the Witwatersrand are reviewed. The case of the South African coal mining industry is examinated and the parallels with the Copperbelt
  • stabilization highlighted. The coal mining companies, having ceded the right to their workers to live outside the compounds, were powerless to shape the form that stabilization took on the ground. - (AJC)
  • The effect of riparian tree roots on the mass-stability of riverbanks
  • Plants interact with and modify the processes of riverbank erosion by altering bank hydrology, flow hydraulics and bank geotechnical properties. The physically based slope stability model GWEDGEM was used to assess how changes in bank geotechnical
  • properties due to the roots of native Australian riparian trees affected the stability of bank sections surveyed along the Latrobe River. The addition of roots to riverbanks improves stability even under worst-case hydrological conditions and is apparent over
  • The religious composition of unions: its role as a determinant of marital stability
  • Using data from the 1987-88 National Survey of Families and Households, the paper studies the role of the religious composition of unions as a determinant of marital stability. Stability is found to be remarkably similar across the various types
  • of homogamous unions. Religious compatibility between spouses at the time of marriage has a large influence on marital stability.
  • Colloidal stability in some tropical soils of southeastern Nigeria as affected by iron and aluminium oxides
  • Aggregate ; Geochemistry ; Microstructure ; Nigeria ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Structural stability ; Tropical zone ; Weathering
  • The aims of this study are to : identify the rate of colloidal stability of the soils using indices; and identify the different forms of Fe and Al oxides in the soils and relate them to the stability of the colloids and microaggregate indices. Ten
  • Improvements of water-stability of clay aggregates admixed with aqueous polymer soil stabilizers
  • Aggregate ; Applied geomorphology ; Clay ; Erosion control ; Experimentation ; Mass movement ; Microstructure ; Slope ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; Structural stability
  • Aqueous soil stabilizers improve soil properties. Water-stability of soil aggregates was determined using 2 different soil stabilizers : S-type and E-type. Various concentrations of the 2 soil stabilizers were tested in soil aggregates (5-10 mm
  • ). Testing the aggregates using the static water-measure method showed that the water-satbility index, K, increased with the concentration of soil stabilizers. Two aggregate collapse models were found and discussed. Their pattern depends on the formation
  • Aggregate stability in range sandy loam soils. Relationships with runoff and erosion
  • Aggregate ; Almería ; Arid area ; Loam ; Semi-arid area ; Soil ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Structural stability ; Water erosion
  • The spatial variability of soil aggregate stability and its relationship to runoff and soil erosion were examined in a catena of soils and vegetation in a semi-arid environment at the Rambla Honda field site (Tabernas, Almería) to evaluate
  • the validity of structural stability as a soil erosion indicator in sandy loam range soils. The most significant correlation found was between the number of drop impacts and soil organic matter content. The stability of topsoil aggregates seems to be a valuable
  • Scarp retreat, slope stability, and the evolution of piedmont assemblages
  • of Australia and southern Africa. An assessment is offered of rates of scarp retreat and stability under differing conditions. - (AJC)
  • Stability of supply coefficients and consistency of supply-driven and demand-driven input-output models : a reply
  • Input-output model ; Mathematics ; Matrix analysis ; Regional economy ; Structural stability
  • Stabilization of snow temperature in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, January 1989
  • and friction at least 15h stabilization time is recommended before the temperature measurements are made.