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  • The men in the street: notes on the existential meaning of the street and its spatial implications in New trends in urban planning. Studies in housing, urban design and planning.
  • Change the street
  • An experimental study on the effects of greenery in the assessments of residential street scenes using scale-models
  • The effect of greenery on residential street scenes, using scale-models. The importance of visual greenery and the difference of the results between the scale-models and the real street scenes. Feasibility of simulation by the scale-models. - (SGA)
  • Distance perception of consumers in shopping streets
  • The empirical study analyses the different variables which might influence the consumer's perception of the length of shopping streets. It can be shown that the accuracy of distance estimations in the CBD does not depend on the individual's level
  • of education, his age and his social class. Instead the perception of distances varies by degree of the consumer's preference for the specific shopping street: distances of preferred ways tend to be underestimated relative to distances of disliked ways
  • Retailing in the city centre: the characters of shopping streets
  • This paper argues for greater attention to be given to the character of shopping streets as a basis for describing the retail structure of the central area. The advantages are that the unit of streets provides a suitable scale level of enquiry
  • Livable streets: protected neighborhoods?
  • Streets have become dangerous, unlivable environments, yet most people live on them. Streets need to be redefined as sanctuaries| as livable places| as communities| as resident territory| as places for play, greenery, and local history
  • Reconnaissance study of socio-economic base of street trading in Samaru
  • Street tree study as a theme in urban biogeography
  • Street life : the politics of Carnival
  • Citizen demand for exposure to street crime
  • Wall Street layoffs and service sector incomes in the New York metropolitan region
  • Revolution in the high street? The emergence of the enclosed shopping centre