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  • model used to describe the result of armouring in stream beds with a model designed to describe, at equilibrium, the relationship between the size distribution of sediment in transport with the size distribution of the bed over which it flows
  • Inception of sediment transport in shallow overland flow
  • Model ; Overland flow ; Rill wash;Runoff ; Sediment transport ; Soil erosion
  • Literature suggests that the Shields criterion is not well suited to predicting the inception of sediment transport in overland flow. A new approach to transport inception in overland flow is proposed, which avoids measurement difficulties
  • and friction law uncertainties. A preliminary model, valid for uniform flow over non-cohesive material, is developed.
  • Modelling erosion by rain-impacted flow
  • In this paper, an approach to modelling the sheet and interrill erosion processes dominated by rain-impacted flow is developed from the results of laboratory studies.
  • Initiation of motion of gravels in concentrated overland flow : cohesive forces and probability of entrainment
  • Experimentation ; Model ; Overland flow ; Probability ; Sediment transport ; Soil erosion ; Turbulence
  • Threshold conditions for entrainment of gravel by concentrated overland flow are here discussed. The measured data indicate that cohesive forces may arise and must be taken into account by the models describing grain entrainment. Some models
  • Solute transport and wind action in relation to overland flow and water erosion
  • Experimentation ; Overland flow ; Precipitation ; Rain simulator ; Rill wash;Runoff ; Soil erosion ; Splash ; Wind
  • Climatic and hydraulic threshold conditions for thalweg incision are discussed on the basis of a physical-mathematical model, which includes such parameters as the critical shear stress of flows for non-selective erosion in loess, flow width