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  • Channel geometry ; Experimentation ; Longitudinal section ; Roughness ; Runoff ; Statistics ; Stream ; Stream flow
  • conditions are carried out and interpreted by means of a theoretical model. Finally, a criterion is obtained to estimate flow resistance developed by natural step-pool streams when a formative flow discharge occurs based on geometric quantities only.
  • The AA. investigate flow resistance developed by macro-roughness represented by pebbles positioned on a granular layer according to a regularly spaced stripe pattern on steep bed slopes. Flume experiments under various geometrical and hydraulic
  • Braided channel ; Ecosystem ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Habitat ; Italy ; Mediterranean area ; Northern Italy ; Stream ; Stream flow ; Surface water ; Water regime
  • they measured discharge and vertical hydraulic gradients at multiple locations along the corridor. The results emphasize that even small changes in flow can cause major increases or decreases of ecosystem size, thereby creating a highly dynamic and harsh
  • Channel geometry ; Experimentation ; Gravel ; Longitudinal section ; Model ; River bed ; Stream
  • This research presents flume studies designed to identify the processes responsible for step-pool formation. The experimental design includes a broad range of flow rates and sediment transport rates to address questions of how the step-pool bedform
  • develops and the channel conditions most likely to produce step sequences. The experimental design included flow rates that created active transport and deposition of all sediment sizes, including the step-forming grains. This research evaluates the pre
  • Experimentation ; Grain size distribution ; Hydrological regime ; River bed ; Runoff ; Scotland ; Sediment transport ; Slope gradient ; Stream flow ; Threshold ; United Kingdom
  • for a range of flows at different bed slopes. A reference transport method was used to define the beginning of sediment motion. The experimental data confirm the recent finding that the critical Shields stress for motion of coarse uniform sediment varies