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  • Debris flow ; Inundation ; Japan ; Longitudinal section ; Natural hazards ; Sediment transport ; Slope gradient ; Stream ; Watershed
  • The geomorphology of some debris flows in the southern Sierra Nevada, California
  • California ; Debris flow ; Mass movement ; Mountain ; Natural hazards ; Precipitation ; Sierra Nevada ; Slope dynamics ; Snow ; United States
  • Observations were made in the Tuolumne, Merced, San Joaquin, and Kings River drainages during the 1982 to 1993 period. Of the 36 debris flows observed, 6 were examined in detail to provide specific data on this phenomenon. Triggering events
  • for debris flows in the southern Sierra Nevada include intense rainfall, rain-on-snow storms, and seasonal melting of heavy snowpacks. Movement typically occurs at depths between 0.3 and 5 m below ground surface.
  • Colorado ; Debris flow ; Flood ; Geographical information system ; Land use ; Natural hazards ; Soil properties ; United States ; Vegetation
  • This paper presents a method that uses Geographic Information System (GIS) to assess geological hazards, vulnerability, and risk in the Glenwood Springs area. The hazards evaluated include subsidence, rockfall, debris flows, and floods. The AA
  • . focus on debris flows and subsidence. Information on topography, hydrology, precipitation, geomorphic processes, bedrock and surficial geology, structural geology, soils, vegetation, and land use, was processed for hazard assessment using a series
  • Avalanche ; British Columbia ; Canada ; Catastrophe ; Climatic warming ; Debris flow ; Deglaciation ; Global change ; Mass movement ; Mountain
  • landscapes may be greatly altered not only by direct tsunami run-up orthogonal to the shoreline, but also by episodes of vigourous backwash and by water flow sub-parallel to the coastline. Deposition of large boulders is also associated with severe tsunamis