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  • Dam ; Ecosystem ; Geographical information system ; Hydraulic works ; Riparian vegetation ; Sediment transport ; Semi-arid area ; Stream ; Stream flow
  • Aquatic ecosystem ; Dam ; Fish breeding ; Hydraulic works ; Sedimentation ; Stream ; United States of America ; Washington State ; Water quality
  • A series of small dams were built in Icicle Creek in 1937. A flow-competence approach was used to assess the restoration potential of the river to do the work of flushing sediments and reestablishing the predam stream channel characteristics
  • . A sediment probe, a total station, a GPS and aerial photographs were used to map out sediment deposits and measure their depths to determine sediment volumes. Grain size distributions from bed sediments, bars, islands and stream banks were used to assess
  • Dam ; Flood ; Hydraulic works ; Hydrological regime ; Riparian vegetation ; Stream ; Stream flow ; United States of America
  • Channel geometry ; Dam ; Hydraulic works ; New Mexico ; Regression analysis ; Sediment transport ; Statistics ; Stream ; United States of America ; Water regime
  • regimes. A statistical analysis reveals that migration rates primarily decreased with decreasing flow energy. The addition of a second parameter describing total channel width increased the explained variance to >60%. The findings show that lateral
  • movement increases with increasing flow energy and with degree of braiding.
  • Biodiversity ; Channel geometry ; Dam ; Floodplain ; Geographical information system ; Habitat ; Hydraulic works ; Hydrological regime ; Stream ; United States of America ; Wyoming
  • The aim of this project is to document the effects of Jackson Lake Dams on flows and stability of the Snake River, and the subsequent impact of these changes on floodplain vegetation and related resources. Vegetation maps were constructed from 1945