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  • Hydraulic geometry and changes in flow velocity at a river confluence with coarse bed material
  • The purpose of this paper is to report observations of flow processes occuring at a natural stream confluence and to illustrate the interactions between form and flow as water stage is varied. Changes in flow velocity at the confluence will also
  • The dynamics of polar jet streams as depicted by the METEOSAT WV channel radiance field
  • (Juillet 1978) ; Circulation atmosphérique ; Circulation latitudinale ; Europe ; Europe du Nord ; Géographie physique ; Imagerie satellitaire ; Jet polaire ; Jet stream ; Jet subtropical ; Météosat ; Satellite géostationnaire ; Satellite
  • A polar jet stream flowing over northern Europe (14 july 1978) is investigated using both the radiosounding network and the Meteosat water vapor (WV) channel imagery. A maximum radiance band associated with the polar jet stream is shown
  • to accurately delineate the tropopause break. A major difference in the subtropical jet stream radiative signature is noted, however. (JPB).
  • Dust deposition as a flow visualization technique
  • Various flow visualization techniques are briefly reviewed, most significantly those using flow streamers and tracers. Special consideration is given to the dust deposition technique. Several examples are provided, using Belgian loess as a tracer
  • Stochastic generation of monthly flows for ephemeral streams
  • Stream head migration : an indicator of runoff processes on chalklands
  • This paper describes the monitoring of chalk stream head migration in an area of southern England and discusses the observations in relation to water flow paths within the catchments. The processes described are of particular significance to water
  • Flow dynamics and the variability of suspended sediment in a semiarid tropical stream, Baringo District, Kenya
  • This study has three objectives : 1) to add to the sparse literature on sediment outputs from man-influenced semiarid ephemeral drainage systems| 2) to determine the flow hydraulics of flash floods| and 3) to determine the variation of suspended
  • Bedload transport in two gravel-bedded streams
  • Bedload transport measurements in two upland streams are considered as a function of the excess stream power exerted on the bed by the flow. An inverse depth dependence in the efficiency of the transport process was noted but although bedload
  • A hydrogeochemical model for stream chemistry, Cascade Range, Washington, U.S.A.
  • Presentation of a simple mixing model which demonstrates that chemical variations in Cascade surface waters reflect flow from three general zones : alpine areas, forested colluvial slopes, and seasonally saturated areas.
  • High flow events and sediment transport in small streams in the Tertiary basin area in Piedmont (Northwest Italy)
  • Estimating groundwater evapotranspiration from stream flow records
  • Identification of major base flow components from a stream hydrograph
  • Diurnal variations in Stream discharge and throughflow during a period of low flow
  • Comparison of the two-and three-parameter log normal distributions used in stream flow synthesis
  • Flow variability and the bankfull depth of sand-bed streams of the American Midwest
  • Scour, fill and burial depth of coarse material in gravel bed streams
  • The study was carried out in two ephemeral streams : Nahal Hebron and Nahal Og in the Negev and Judean Deserts. Magnetically-tagged pebbles and cobbles were traced after floods of low and intermediate magnitude. The data indicate that the mean
  • burial depth was intermediate between the mean depths of scour and fill. Deeply buried particles probably reflect the development of scour holes during flood flows.
  • Use of the vertical dimension to spatially analyze potential evapotranspiration has application in irrigation timing, stream-flow estimates and monitoring growing crops. - (DWG)
  • Mesoscale structure of the low-level flow near the equatorial East African
  • (1977) ; Afrique ; Afrique de l'Est ; Alizé ; Atmosphère ; Circulation atmosphérique ; Domaine équatorial ; Dynamique de l'atmosphère ; Flux transéquatorial ; Gphy ; Géographie physique ; Humidité atmosphérique ; Jet stream ; Littoral ; Structure
  • of two stable layers in the vertical in the isotherm field. However, the trade-dominated flows show greater detail in the meridional flow, an average easterly component and a shallow moist stratum capped by a dry layer at 800 mb over the ocean
  • or with moist intrusions alternating with dry air. In contrast, the Mozambique-dominated flows exhibit greater mass and moisture transports across the equator and an average westerly component. (JPB).
  • The paper considers hanges in areal ratio between the hydraulic component of the river flow (expressed in terms of the mean stream velocity in vertical) and the size of lag deposits ( channel pavement )| the latter can be numerically presented
  • through values of velocity required to set the bottom deposits in motion, depending on the phase of the hydrological regime. A change in phases of the stream regime results in the reversal of the channel process, which also causes changes in the channel
  • Differential bedload transport rates in a gravel-bed stream : a grain-size distribution approach
  • on the Rosin distribution and how its parameter depend on the flow discharge and bed stress. The total transport rate, which is also a function of the discharge or stress, is then apportioned within the distribution of grain sizes of the Rosin distribution