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  • Flow separation, sediment source areas and suspended sediment transport in a pro-glacial stream in Channel processes. Water, sediment, catchment controls.
  • are considered : precipitation, the Murgab stream flow, entrance of water from the Karakum canal on the delta lands. 1891-1984. - (D'après l'Ed.).
  • Striae and former ice-flow directions in Snowdonia, North Wales
  • The striation pattern reflects ice flow radiating from the general vicinity of Snowdon summit and the strong eastward component of flow contradicts the idea that the Welsh ice sheet overran the area.
  • Drainage density as an index of the ratio of base flow to total runoff
  • The aim of this paper is not the estimation of applicability of drainage density for prediction of base flow volume, but only the estimation of the mean ratio of base flow to total runoff in its spatial differentiation.
  • Glacial ice-flows on the islands of Bornholm and Christianso, Denmark
  • This paper contains results from studies of ice flow directions on the islands of Bornholm and Christianso, Denmark, as indicated by striae and other marks of glacial erosion on the bedrock surface.
  • On the use of glacial striae for reconstruction of paleo-ice sheet flow patterns - with application to the Scandinavian ice sheet
  • The methods used to extract ice flow directions from striae data are discussed. The present paper is an attempt to highlight some crucial points and propose a practicable terminology. A stepwise analysis procedure for large-scale striae patterns
  • The work is focused to the development and changes of the spatial pattern of the flow of Plzen, the second town in Bohemia. From the regional processes were observed the commuting, flow to services and migration of population. - (MS)
  • The thermal water flow system of Budapest is assumed to be a storied geothermal twin flow system which is hydrodynamically governed. (CK).
  • Linkage flows, locational evaluation and industrial geography: a case study of Greater London
  • The heat flow field in mainland UK
  • Changes in Soviet natural gas flows, 1970-1985
  • Cut flowers in Warsaw
  • Accessibility and regional development in Britain: some questions arising from data on freight flows
  • Hraunid Vid Lambagja (The lava flow at Lambagja)
  • Climatic change, river flow extremes and fluvial erosion. Scenarios for England and Wales
  • This paper deals exclusively with river-flow extremes and their climatic drive , the second-order effects of climatic change (for instance via changes in both land and water management) and the lessons from both hydrological and geomorphological
  • Een kaart van de landschapsecologische relaties als gevolg van waterstroming in zuidoost-Utrecht. (A map of landscape-ecological relations caused by flowing groundwater and superficial water, S.E. Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  • This article describes a method for composing a map, which shows the spatial relations of different parts of a landscape in terms of water movement. Special attention is paid to ground-water flow because it connects not only adjacent but also remote
  • Extreme weather situations causing mountain debris flows in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.
  • In periglacial, northern areas debris slides and flows are mainly initiated by intense rainfall in summer and autumn, caused either by cyclonic rainstorms or by convectional rainfall cells. The frequency of landslide-triggering rainstorms in arctic
  • The results of mass pair comparisons of the groundwater flow of small rivers of the southern part of the European territory of the USSR are revealed showing considerable differences in the density of forests covering the basins. The growth
  • of the normal groundwater flow is shown where the forests are dense in comparison with lesser afforestated lands comprising from 4 to 7 mm annually which is 2540 % higher than the flow where the territories lack forests. The minimum of groundwater flow
  • Detailed measurements, taken over a 3-year period, of the characteristics of the Regné aquifer allow calculation of the water reserves in various forms (direct runoff and base flow), and of the flow deficit. The evapo-transpiration as calculated
  • Statistical analysis of the emigration flow from Greece