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  • Stream water quality in a mountain recreation area
  • Surface waters in and near the Indian Peaks Wilderness area in Colorado, USA vary seasonally and locationally in chemical and biological constituents. The level of inorganic nutrients depends on stream flow. - (DWG)
  • Nitrate-nitrogen flux and utilization in a stream ecosystem during low summer flows
  • Wintertime 500-mb flow types and the California drought of 1976-1977
  • A five-year analysis of winter air circulation over western North America and the eastern Pacific suggests that the serious drought of 76-77 was associated with an abnormally high frequency of normally occurring flow patterns rather than entirely
  • Note concerning K-Ar dating of a basalt flow from the Tahoe-Tioga Interglaciation, Sawmill Canyon, southeastern Sierra Nevada, California
  • New K-Ar ages for a basalt flow interbedded with Tahoe and Tioga tills slightly refine previously published ages for the flow and provide an estimate of 53,00044,000 yr for the Tahoe-Tioga interglaciation.
  • Exploring flow system change: US rail freight flows, 1972-1981
  • Macroeconomic determinants of the flow of undocumented aliens in North America
  • Spatial perspectives of the flows through the Southeast electrical transmission network
  • State fiscal flow estimates resulting from welfare reform
  • What is the annual net flow of undocumented Mexican immigrants to the United States?
  • Pyroclastic flows and surges: examples from the Lesser Antilles in Tephra studies.
  • Government-directed money flows and the discordance between production and consumption in provincial economies, 1961-1979
  • Suspensed sediment in a tropical environment of seasonal flow and large floods: Hope river, Jamaica
  • An interpretation of late Quaternary glacial flow indicators in the Baie des Chaleurs region, northern New Brunswick
  • Flow variability and hillslope hydrology
  • The Economic effect of age and education on the regional flows of Black human capital
  • On the spatial equity of the California sales tax: estimates of imbalances in tax dollar flows
  • Information flows in black residential search behavior
  • Measuring interstate migration flows: an origin-destination network based on internal revenue service records
  • Heavy illegal immigration from El Salvador flows across the border from Mexico to the United States. The A. interviewed refugees and social workers in South Texas. - (D. W. Gade).
  • Reconstructed ice-flow patterns and ice limits using drift pebble lithology, outer Nachvak Fiord, northern Labrador