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  • Testing for misspecification in models of spatial flows
  • Scheduling academic courses to maximize student flow: a simulation approach
  • A branch-and-bound/flow-equilibrium algorithm for the approximate solution of total cost minimization problems in traffic networks
  • Least squares calibration of the gravity model when intrazonal flows are unknown
  • Nonparametric tests for misspecification in models of symmetric flow matrices
  • A flexible and consistent system for modelling interregional trade flows
  • Derivatives of flows in a doubly constrained gravity model
  • The use of unstandardised data in component analysis of flow matrices : a comment
  • After analysing of daily flow of travellers in the S-East sector of greater Paris, the A. bases a traffic flow model on it, involving the overall study of factors arising from a symmetrical relationship, the study being made on a geometrical
  • A note on the application of spatial interaction models to Japanese exchange flows in 1899
  • The statistical modeling of flow data when the Poisson assumption is violated
  • Fitting constrained Poisson regression models to interurban migration flows
  • An algorithm for the spatial price equilibrium problem on a general network in the space of the path flows
  • Today exist favourable preconditions for the investigation of the matter flow within the landscape concerning different contential and spatial dimensions by means of the water household. Production and protection within the landscape must be shaped
  • in the future as an inseparable unity of optimalized matter flows. Further discussed are the connections between agricultural utilization and a management under ecological aspects and the problem of protection of water resources.
  • Evaluating the similarity of geographic flows
  • Graph theory interpretation of flow matrices: a note on maximization procedures for identifying significant links
  • A note on the treatment of flows across system boundaries in spatial-interaction models
  • Poisson gravity models of spatial flows
  • Geographical distribution of financial flows to Developing countries. - Répartition géographique des ressources financières mises à la disposition des pays en développement. - Disbursements. Commitments. Economic indicators. - Versements
  • Rather than simple input-output matrices, it is proposed here to consider detailed tables of flows and services, while making for man a rigorously defined place in the conclusions. (l'Ed.).