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  • Initiation of motion of gravels in concentrated overland flow : cohesive forces and probability of entrainment
  • Experimentation ; Model ; Overland flow ; Probability ; Sediment transport ; Soil erosion ; Turbulence
  • Threshold conditions for entrainment of gravel by concentrated overland flow are here discussed. The measured data indicate that cohesive forces may arise and must be taken into account by the models describing grain entrainment. Some models
  • Effects of rock fragments incorporated in the soil matrix on concentrated flow hydraulics and erosion
  • The aim of this study is to better understand the role that rock fragments incorporated into the soil matrix have on concentrated flow hydraulics and erosion by concentrated flow as simulated in laboratory experiments. Slope steepness and flow
  • Impact of root architecture on the erosion-reducing potential of roots during concentrated flow
  • In order to predict the root effect more accurately, this experimental study aims at gaining more insight into the importance of root architecture, soil and flow characteristics to the erosion-reducing potential of roots during concentrated flow
  • Channel width-flow discharge relationships for rills and gullies
  • In order to investigate the width-discharge relationships for rills and gullies, a new method is proposed based on field measurements of widths of concentrated-flow erosion channels both upstream and downstream of channel junctions. A total of 322
  • Flume experiments simulating concentrated runoff were carried out on remolded silt loam samples to measure the effect of rainfall-induced soil consolidation and soil surface sealing on soil erosion by concentrated flow for loess-derived soils
  • moisture contents. The results suggest that the compaction of thalwegs where concentrated flow erosion often occurs might be an alternative soil erosion control measure.
  • Effects of microbiotic crusts under cropland in temperate environments on soil erodibility during concentrated flow
  • A long flume study of the dynamic factors affecting the resistance of a loamy soil to concentrated flow erosion
  • Effects of grass roots on the erodibility of topsoils during concentrated flow
  • This study presents a sensitivity analysis of the soil erosion model LISEM, whereby not only the sensitivity to parameter values is considered, but attention is focused on the effects of process descriptions and the routing of overland flow
  • . As erosion models include a wide range of processes (i.e. rainfall, interception, surface storage, overland flow, soil erosion and deposition), this implies that only a relatively small fraction of all possible variations is explored here.
  • , and to understand the environmental significance of the present-day remobilisation of ancient debris flows, as well as that of first-time slides.