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  • Strategic planning in London: the rise and fall of the primary road network
  • HART D. A.
  • Strategic land use planning and the British development plan system
  • The development of strategic policy planning in Victoria, Australia: a review
  • SPENCER, R. D.
  • Strategic planning for geography departments?
  • WADLEY, D.
  • Strategic territory and territorial strategy: the geopolitics of Walvis Bay's reintegration into Namibia
  • SIMON, D.[b1]
  • Strategic planning for the forest industry in North Canterbury, New Zealand
  • WHYTE, A. G. D.
  • Industrial policy of the European Community : strategic deficits and regional dilemmas
  • SADLER, D.
  • The strategic role of perigean spring tides in nautical history and North American coastal flooding, 1635-1976.
  • U. S. Department of Commerce. National oceanic and atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Survey. Washington, D. C., Etats-Unis
  • Devolution and the politics of business representation in Britain : a strategic-relational approach
  • VALLER, D.
  • The A. deals with the origin of the Caprivi name, the history of the territory with its physico-geographical conditions, population and with its strategic-economic significance. (CK).
  • BALAZS, D.
  • Strategic enabling? Cardiff City Council and local economic strategy
  • VALLER, D.[b1]
  • The strategic choice of location and transport mode in a successive monopoly model
  • PAL, D.
  • The range of strategic choice in Tanzanian industry
  • Architects of empire : the military–strategic studies complex and the Scripting of US national security
  • l'A. analyse la géopolitique des Etats-Unis à travers la notion d' études militaro-stratégiques appliquée au Golfe persique. Il développe la stratégie des militaires américains dans leur souci de sécurisation militaire et économique dans cette
  • . Mais on assiste aussi à l'émergence de mouvements de résistance à la production d'un espace militaire tel qu'il est proposé actuellement par les stratèges militaires américains.
  • . The cultural-industries production system : a case study of employment change in Britain, 1984-91. Civic boosterism in the politics of local economic development - institutional positions and strategic orientations in the consumption of hallmark events.
  • SADLER, D.
  • be seen to revolve around an interest in technical control which is, in some sense, structurally-determined. There are strategic connections between such an interest and the way in which systems theory conceives of objectification, regulation
  • . Then governments can form strategic migration and development policies. International migration between Belize and the United States is presented as a case study to discuss the above concerns. - (SLD)
  • CONWAY, D.
  • Transitions to low carbon transport futures : strategic conversations from London and Delhi
  • BANISTER, D.[b1]
  • . The paper concludes with a critical assessment of the ‘Pays’ approach as a meaningful contribution to rescaling territorial development at the meso scale with particular reference to concerns around the interaction between strategic planning and multiple
  • At the beginning of the 21st century food has become important strategic good. In future unstable food supply at global level, the issue of local, regional and state self-sufficient food supply has been ever more important. Slovenia’s local
  • PLUT, D.